PPR – RM120 / month, Huge arrears, Huge cars, Huge TVs.

It was reported in an online media that people are abusing the People’s Housing Programme (PPR) rental scheme. According to Penang state housing development committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo, more than half do not pay their rental and maintenance. Some even have 50 inch TVs! Many have Astro installed and I seriously do not think many of them are taking the cheapest package….  Well, for 16 years, the largest size I ever have for TV was 29 inch and I have just upgraded to 51 inch few months ago. Both my wife and I do not feel the need for a larger unit though we do like our new TV today. The rental for PPR units? Only RM120 / unit. This is a government programme for the poor and needy.
Be warned, the following is as usual as you can get. Would people change? Well, I was hoping but I guess not. Many years ago, my colleague told me that his neighbor drives a BMW but he has seen him eating bread for dinner many times before he drives his BMW out for entertainment. My colleague stays in medium cost flats. You may then wonder, how can his neighbor afford a BMW if he could not even buy a more expensive home? Well, that’s his choice and that medium cost flat might have been bought long time ago by his parents. So, perhaps we should just let it be?
What happens when huge number of people who really needs PPR flats but could not get one while those who have surpassed the actual requirements are still staying in those flats? Those who can afford Astro and luxurious cars but somehow still DO NOT pay maintenance or rental? It’s absurb for these things to happen and whether or not these people can vote, the state government should weed them out. If they truly qualify and that Astro was subsidized by their relatives and that luxurious car belongs to their friends, then surely they can get these friends and families to pay for the rental and maintenance?
If we are in Singapore, these things would not happen because the government knows you inside out and the Housing Development Board (HDB) is very strict and hey, if you book and cancel when you are offered an affordable unit, you will even be barred from applying again for one year! This part of Singapore’s efficiency with their housing matters, I think the authorities in Malaysia should take note and learn. I remember when I was young and immature many years ago, to ensure I listen my father would have his ‘rotan’ nearby and if my results were not up to his expectations, time for TV is cut without notice. Well, that helped to really discipline me, even if I did not like it. Truth is, when people refuse to abide by regulations, then force it upon them. Those who need should get it. Those who do not should not. Life’s like that, especially for housing which is a basic need.
written on 5 Nov 2014
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