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Personal Finance 101: 5 things that could happen when we have extra money

Personal finance 101: 5 things that could happen when we have extra money

When we have extra cash in the wallet

It’s the beginning of the month. Salary has just been credited and we have just withdrawn a lumpsum amount of money and all the notes are now in the wallet. Okay, perhaps these days the younger ones do not need to siwthdraw money. They just need to load their e-wallets. Whatever way you chose, it’s the beginning of the month and you have money… What will happen next is… we will think we are rich and we will start spending…

#1 – It’s important to have a little celebration

Instead of the usual nasi campur (mixed rice) with teh panas, it’s now a meal at an air-conditioned place. It’s okay, we have the cash, right? It’s always worth celebrating every month when we get the salary, right? Instead of the usual one meat and one vegetable, it’s more appropriate to add an extra tandoori chicken. It’s okay, just one meal every month. We have the cash.

#2 – How can we ignore the old and distressed wallet?

Suddenly, we realise the wallet looks old and distressed. Somehow we did not notice it before. Okay, a new wallet is needed, else, how to take out the wallet in front of people? The wallet does not even need to be those luxury brands. Just buy any common brand, make sure it’s leather so that it will last a very long time. This is how we ensure we ‘save’ money right? When wallets can last a long time, we do not need to buy it so often.

#3 – That discount, that colour, that perfect fit. Come on…

Suddenly, we saw that pair of jeans on offer when we were walking in a mall during the weekends. Come on, discounts do not happen all the time. Furthermore, that pair of jeans is in the colour we always wanted and it’s the brand we like. Somehow, when we put on that pair of jeans in the fitting room, it looks perfect on us. After discount, we save so much money! We will buy since we have got cash…

#4 – We do not cut hair so often lah, get a good one

Suddenly, we realise we have not cut the hair for the past 2 months. Perhaps this time, can also colour the hair too. We must ensure we look good. No one wants to look older than their age. Instead of the usual barber, it’s time to be more serious about the outlook. As they say, it’s the hair that makes the man. Erm… never mind if the quote does not exist. Everyone wants to look good. Besides, after this roung of cutting and colouring the hair, it will be many more months before that next cut.

#5 – It’s on the wrist and can be seen everyday. It lasts a long time…

Suddenly, we realise that the watch we are wearing is the same one we have been wearing for the last 3 years. There’s that scratch which is now bothering us. As a working professional, having a proper watch is essential. Not compulsory of course but essential. Furthermore, it’s a sure thing that the new watch will last us many years before it ever needed to change. Just look at the current watch, it lasted over 3 years thus far. Surely, the new watch can last longer. Besides, we have the cash right now.

Then comes the end of the month

How come my cash is running low and it’s a few more days before salary day. It must be due to my employer who is underpaying me. I must not work so hard since the employer is paying me a low salary. Pay peanuts, get monkeys lah. Somehow, the rice with lots of gravy and a fried egg is good enough lah. Air suam please instead of teh panas. Somehow no matter how big the discount sign is, we miss it totally. Somehow, the best thing to do after work is to go home and watch TV. Or perhaps surf the internet. Both are already a fixed cost and there’s no extra charges to pay. With all these measures in place, we managed to scrape through until salary day. Suddenly we are rich again. Haha.

Happy understanding and think about saving.

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