Penang Property: Then, Now and Future.

I stayed in Penang for 15 years. I moved to the Klang Valley 6.5 years ago. I still have properties in Penang. If there are opportunities, of course I also hope to continue investing into Penang. Not currently lah, now it’s Movement Control Order (MCO), how to view and pay deposit yeah? I also go to Penang often too, so hopefully one of these days we can also have a cup of coffee. Don’t sit so close lah, 1 metre away ok. 🙂

It’s another Webinar via FB Live by Miichael Yeoh. He calls is MY LIVE (MY = Miichael Yeoh). He asked me if Penang Property market is a market which I am interested in. I answered, ‘Of course.” Thus he has invited me and our good friend WK Ng to share our thoughts on the Penang Property market. It’s aptly titled, “Penang Property: Then, Now and Future. ” Do join us yeah and please feel free to ask more questions too.

It’s on 13th April 2020 (Monday) at 9pm. All details, please refer below yeah.


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