Penang property market is vibrant in H1 2021

Penang’s vibrant property market in H1 2021.

I have not been to Penang for 1.5 years. My last visit was in 2020 when we were allowed to travel. I do hope I could visit Penang again soon since I will be fully vaccinated by 24th July 2021. Yes, it’s with the ONLY vaccine which is proven to offer protection up to a lifetime! Read here for the full news. Coming back to the Penang property market. It does seem that there are some positive news.

Article in According to Knight Frank Malaysia’s latest publication, the Real Estate Highlights 1st half of 2021 (1H2021), the Penang remained active despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The firm said the residential sub-sector is expected to remain resilient supported by initiatives under the various stimulus packages and the National/State Home Ownership Campaigns which have been extended till end 2021 and June 2022 respectively.

Please do read the full report with a more charts here: Article in

There is just one state which majority of Malaysians have gone to and will still go again. Okay, I have no idea whether my statement is true but I have not met any friend who does not like Penang. Where else could we find a state where most electronic engineers would find their dream job and could have diversity of good food during lunch and then food again during dinner?

Then, on the weekends, visit a national park within the island or even go and visit Georgetown a UNESCO Heritage City, the Ferringhi beach just half an hour from the city centre and more… Please never forget that Penang International Airport (PIA) is also just minutes away from the Bayan Lepas Industrial area.

By the way, loving Penang and buying a property there are two different things yeah. Get to know more prior to buying. Yes, I still have properties in Penang even though I have moved to KL for the last 8 years. Take care and stay safe and even if you are fully vaccinated, you can still be infected. The only advantage is that the chance of being hospitalised is low.

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