Penang’s Design Village is opening extremely soon.

I was in Penang airport twice last week. One huge signboard was promoting the Design Village in Penang which will be open by the end of 2016. It said something along the lines of ‘clear our wardrobe’ since we will be shopping for lots of new clothes at the Penang Design Village. As reported in themalaymailonline, this will be Malaysia’s biggest outlet mall. What is an outlet mall? This is where you get those brands your colleague is carrying at a cheaper price, sometimes by far cheaper. Of course, expect it to be one or two seasons behind. As for the current ones, you can always visit the more luxurious malls, say Pavillion KL.
This coming Friday, since I am fetching my in-laws, I would also be dropping by the Mitsui Outlet Mall. Yes, I was in Johor Premium Outlet just one month ago. Oops, am I concluding that I am ‘cheap’ or just a shopaholic? It’s okay to be both. Haha. Coming back to the Design Village, it is located within the newly-developed township of Bandar Cassia in Batu Kawan. It is built a 24-acre tropical garden. Let’s hope it is more cooling while we shop at the largest Adidas outlet store in Malaysia. Besides that, there would also be new brands coming into the region such as the Travel For All Outlet store that will have luggage, travel accessories and winter wear, also at markdown prices.
design-village-mall-3An image of how it looks from Do expect lots of people as they could now buy, buy, buy within Northern Region instead of flying to KL or JB. I also checked, it’s less than 5 minutes after we exit the Penang second bridge. Beginning at the end of the first bridge however, it is around 20 minutes away. For those from Alor Setar, it’s 72 minutes away. All durations are as per Google Map. Time for SSS. (Shop, Shop and Shop). Welcome to Penang. Now there’s another attraction beyond the usual reasons.
written on 24 Oct 2016
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  1. The problem of the whole bandar cassia is poor road connections. Except 2nd bridge to NSE, only a road to connect to Fd Route 1.

    1. I think we will see very soon whether jams will pressure for something to happen.

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