Penang International Airport – What’s next?

I wrote about this earlier but as at now, there are no further announcements as to what would be the plans for Penang International Airport (PIA). The following was what AirAsia Malaysia CEO Aireen Omar said in a Bernama article about the Penang International Airport (PIA) recently. “Our parking bays and terminals are very congested during festive seasons and I have suggested to the authorities to expand the current airport or build another dedicated low-cost terminal to cater to the demand of the tourism industry. PIA offers high potential for us but unfortunately there are infrastructure constraints. Ideally, we would like to see a dedicated low-cost terminal in Penang where we can easily build on that connectivity to link with our current destinations.”
I think it’s safe to say that without any strategic planning, the total number of visitors to Penang via PIA would be limited in terms of increase. Lots of Malaysians from other states would drive to Penang but are these the only ones that Penang wants? Of course, we can still push for more tourist arrivals during non-peak periods but that would require more effort for less results. Well, that’s something which the authorities would have to quickly decide what should be the next action.
penangiarpotMy personal preference? A new PIA in mainland Penang, as near as possible to the second Penang Bridge for good connectivity into the island. As per my last trip just one month ago, the second link was still underused. Of course, another way would be to continue until it bursts, just like when the previous LCCT was way overcrowded and I could not even find a place for my family to sit together for lunch during one of our trips there. I love KLIA2 even if many continue to complain about the distance they have to walk. Seriously, walking is not the main issue. The main issue in the near future would be NO PLACE TO WALK. Happy improving PIA.
written on 20 Oct 2016
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  1. As per your preference, the PIA is mainland where near to second link, put personal preference aside, what do you think with the highest possibility where the PIA is going to build based on the current situation. : )

    1. It can be build on one of those new reclamation parcels but this will have to wait…. I don’t think it’s wise to wait.

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