Penang Affordable Homes: Where and How.

The following information was published by last week. In fact it has continuously publish many articles on Penang’s affordable homes. This is just to ensure more Penangites who qualify can benefit from it. The best part is that many people assume medium cost affordable homes are just high priced flats. Yes, even some bankers think so. Some still do not know where these affordable homes are. Some assume that they are only in the mainland due to the price which is not true at all. There are some at more popular areas in Penang island too. Total units are up to 22,545 divided into 12 different projects.
Registration under the state driven ‘Mission Home-Possible’ programme is available at the following schedule:
1. Chelliah Park City
Location : Jalan SP Chelliah, DTL
Floor Size : 800 sqft (883 units), 900 sqft (165 units) and 1,000 sqft (275 units)
Price : RM200,000.00 (800 sqft), RM300,000.00 (900 sqft), RM400,000.00 (1,000 sqft)
On-site Registration Date : 14 February 2015
On-site Registration Venue : D’Piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri, Bandar Bayan Baru
Contact : Mr. John Khaw (04-630 7734 / 5)
Zubicon Sdn Bhd
70-3-16, D’Piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri
11900 Bandar Bayan Baru, Pulau Pinang
2. One Foresta
Location : Bayan Baru, DBD
Floor Size : 900 sqft (2,685 units)
Price : RM300,000.00 (900 sqft)
On-site Registration Date : 6 – 8 March 2015
On-site Registration Venue : Ideal Property Show Room, 71, Ideal @ The One, Jalan Mahsuri
Contact : Mr. Teh (04-645 6888)
Ideal Property Group
71, Ideal @ The One, Jalan Mahsuri
11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
3. Tri-Pinnacle
Location : Tanjung Tokong, DTL
Floor Size : 800 sqft (859 units)
Price : RM299,990.00 (800 sqft)
On-site Registration Date : 7 & 8 March 2015
On-site Registration Venue : G-Hotel, Persiaran Gurney
Contact : Andrea Lee (04-227 5000)
Aspen Group
17, Green Mansion, Jalan Birch
10250 Pulau Pinang
4. Ramah Pavillion
Location : Teluk Kumbar, DBD
Floor Size : 800 sqft (92 units), 950 sqft (154 units), 1,050 sqft (106 units), 1,150 (149 units), 1,250 (221 units), 1,350 (37 units)
Price : RM198,000.00 (800 sqft), RM268,000.00 (950 sqft), RM298,000.00 (1,050 sqft), RM328,000.00 (1,150 sqft), RM358,000.00 (1,250 sqft), RM398,000.00 (1,350 sqft)
On-site Registration Date & Venue :
7 & 8 February 2015 / 28 February & 1 March 2015 : Balik Pulau Market
11 – 13 February 2015 / 24 – 26 February 2015 : Bayan Baru Market
Contact : Mr. Moh (04-229 2232 / 04- 291 7921 / 04-291 7915)
M Summit Group
Unit 1, Tingkat 3, Wisma Penang Garden
No. 42, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Pulau Pinang
Of course if you wish to register at the developer’s office, it is also possible. They will then forward your completed forms to the State Housing Department for vetting purposes. Only those who are eligible will be accepted. Please note that the registration is FREE OF CHARGE.
What is required for registration? 
Photocopy of applicant’s identity card and their spouse
Photocopy of certificate of marriage / sijil nikah / statutory declaration of marriage
Photocopy of certificate of divorce or death certificate of spouse (if relevant)
Photocopy of children / dependents’ identity card or birth certificate
Confirmation letter of employer / photocopy of pay slip for both applicant and spouse
Employee’s Provident Fund (KWSP) statement of applicant and spouse
Letter of confirmation from KWSP if the applicant or spouse are not EPF contributors
Statutory declaration of income for applicant and spouse (for those running their own business / working on their own)
Photocopy of business registration certificate / trade license (for those running their own business)
Form B of Income Tax (for those running their own business)
Photocopy of OKU card (if relevant)
Letter of confirmation by employer confirming residence of at least 5 years in Penang
The eligibility criteria for applicants for affordable housing, are as follows:-
must be a Malaysian citizen
born in Penang, working in Penang and a registered voter in Penang; or having resided in Penang for at least 5 years as at the date of application, and a registered voter in Penang
21 years old and above
nett household income of not more than RM2,500 for low cost units
nett household income of not more than RM3,500 for low medium cost units
nett household income of not more than RM6,000 for affordable housing units under RM200,000
nett household income of not more than RM8,000 for affordable housing units under RM300,000
nett household income of not more than RM10,000 for affordable housing units under RM400,000
for low and low medium cost units, the applicant must not have owned any property in Malaysia
for affordable housing units, the applicant will be given priority if he or she does not own any property in Malaysia but if they have owned either a low or low medium cost unit, the applicant may still be considered
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