Our Dream may be our nightmare too

Dream Home. Own your dream home. Your dream home is here. Stop dreaming and get a home. The last one’s from me and the first few we have been reading it extremely often these days. Yes, the marketing messages from developers. Occasionally, the word ‘lifestyle’ comes into play, targeting those who believe that they have ‘arrived’ and need more style to keep their image of being successful intact. Be realistic, most of us are staying in our current home because it’s the one we could afford.
As usual, all these ‘dreams’ or ‘lifestyles’ would need us spending ever more money and when we think about it, there’s nothing wrong, really. Assuming we are already a earning good money today, what’s so wrong to enjoy an occasionally holiday, right? The right word is ‘occasional.’ It should not be regular because we just could not afford to have it regularly. That dream home that we are considering extremely hard might just be a nightmare too.Some signs of it being potentially a nightmare?
We nearly destroyed the calculator because the numbers do not really tally. Formula: Our salary – expenses – more expenses – car instalments – potential mortgage payments = Negative. Oops. What went wrong? Well, many things could have gone wrong. Salary not enough might be one, especially if we have been earning almost similar numbers year after year. Expenses may be the one pulling us under. Buy today and pay tomorrow mentality? More expenses, perhaps a new handbag coz the old one was already 2 years old and no longer look trendy. It must be a new car because an old car or even a cheap entry level car meant ‘drop image’ (Hokkien = Lak Seh, Cantonese = Mou Meen and BM = jatuh standard bro) With all these in play, we STILL wanted to dream of a dream home? Think a bit. Something has to give before something can be gained. Decision is often clearer with a piece of paper, pen and calculator. Stop dreaming and start acting. Cheers.
written on 7 Oct 2016
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  1. I take it you’re slapping the premier lifestyle developer 🙂
    Give you 10 x likes for these -> Hokkien = Lak Seh, Cantonese = Mou Meen and BM = jatuh standard bro

    1. Haha.. Actually, not really. These days, nearly every brochure I see would use ‘dream home.’ I prefer first time buyers to focus on ‘owning an affordable home’ instead.

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