Online Property Site and Online Buyer’s Club?

I saw something very interesting today in PLTM’s facebook postings. Iproperty has a new programme called Iproperty Buyers Club. How does it work? According to the website, the reason why they are starting this is because they want to give the best to their customers. They have the network to do so and that they are talking to developers to give exclusive discounts to Iproperty Buyers Club members. Sign up is FREE. I have no idea how it works, do Iproperty arrange for bulk discounts or individual discounts? Personally, I do not like this type of ‘exclusive discounts’. Quoting their own words, ‘special discounts to select few’? A developer should just sell at their own pre-determined price and not special price to certain groups. Why should there exist so many different pricing levels? If this is the case, which group should get the best or the lowest or the most awesome deal offered?
iprop newHere’s the screen shot of their page. They have also listed a few developer partners. I am not sure how people would react to this. Perhaps many would love this kind of arrangements where you sign up and you get exclusive deals. I am not sure but I have just signed up to see what offers would they be offering. Thus far, no special offers though they have asked me to fill up a form. Will decide later if I should fill up the form.
Dear readers, what are your thoughts about this type of arrangement? Should an online property media turn themselves into a property buyers’ club? If yes, would this also start happening for other major sites like propertyguru, propwall, starproperty? A very interesting thing. Actually with their current visitor numbers, even if 1% of these numbers sign up as their buyers’ club members, and only 10% of these 1% of the people buy one property each, I think we are talking about buying the whole block of a condo from a small developer. Would this type of buyers club spell the end of the current smaller investor clubs in the market? We shall revisit this again in 3 months time. Let’s see what happens then.
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