Okay, meeting delayed to July 31 2020. Important discussion to have,okay?

If you have read kopiandproperty.my for a while, you may have noticed that I think the Rapid Transit System (RTS) is a very important catalytic project. It will benefit both countries because of the better connectivity between both countries. So, when are the two transport ministers due to meet? Actually after some delays, it was supposed to happen a few days ago. It did not and the new date will be 31st July 2020.

Article in channelnewsasia.com Singapore’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) has announced that the the suspension of the Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link project has been extended by another three months until the end of July. It said, “Like Malaysia, we are optimistic that the discussions on the outstanding matters can be concluded within three months, using tele-conferencing and other means of communication.”

Malaysia’s Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong had earlier said that he and his counterpart in Singapore, Khaw Boon Wan has been discussing the status of the bilateral agreement “closely and constantly.” The RTS was meant to be completed in 2024. It aims to connect Bukit Chagar in Johor Bahru to Woodlands in Singapore, serving about 10,000 passengers per hour each way to help ease traffic congestion on the Causeway.  Article in channelnewsasia.com

Of course it would benefit the poor workers who has to travel to and fro in the wee hours everyday to get to work in the island republic. It will definitely enable even more economic activities between both sides yeah. Many Johoreans may want to drop by Singapore’s attractions and vice-versa. Nope, it is not going to happen immediately, so it will not happen when the Movement Control Order (MCO) is still in place yeah. Our MCO is until 12thy May 2020 and Singapore’s Circuit Breaker (CB) is under 1st June 2020. Okay, just wait for 31st July 2020 then.

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