Not verified, don’t forward. Stop showing your so-called SINCERITY. That’s just XXXXXX.

I saw an image which looked VERY FAKE in my Whatsapp group. I asked if the news is true. The person who forwarded said, ‘I am just being helpful, who knows if it’s true, then people should know.’ PLEASE STOP THIS.

Another forwarded a news which is said to be written by an unknown doctor with all his warnings. Another says a certain supermarket has Covid-19 infections. Another says that very soon there’s a lockdown. Another was some advice from a doctor who said he treated some Covid-19 patients and the story goes on. HELLO, ENOUGH lah.

FAKE NEWS examples? Images below. With people keep forwarding so many bad news, the people who wants to tell you the real news will fail. Please go and verify all these so-called I am forwarding because I care messages before you forward. This is the site:

how many got fooled by this?
how many thought this image was real?

Stay at home. Stay safe. Don’t go here and there. Try cooking something good for your loved ones. For the loved ones, even if it’s not that delicious, finish it… Last but not least, we have enough of fake news already.

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