Cambridge Dictionary explained Forward-Thinking as, “the act of thinking about and planning for the future, not just the present” I think this is the new norm. Gone are the days when we keep doing the Business As Usual kind of life. Gone are the days that we think our business would not be disrupted. Gone are the days when we think of survival as competing against the competition. It’s also about preparing to survive should a pandemic suddenly strikes the country and the world where we do our business with. So, are we prepared, enough?

My good friend who’s considered a marketing authority when it comes to the real estate world shared the following things which all of us, whether we are working for a salary or even running a small business could learn from. She is the Founder and CEO of RECONSULT PLT. She has over 27 years of experience in country’s property development industry including with companies such as Sunway Property, UEM Sunrise and iProperty.

Her advice as follows:

MCO may be over or may be extended but the truth is, vaccine is not yet ready. Be prepared to think forward on what we need to to for the next 6-12 months to be safe. Some guiding

  • Be creative; old method no longer work (If it keeps working, we are very lucky but no one can be lucky forever)
  • Stick to online / facetime dealings (this is not the time to do nothing just because we are staying at home)
  • Put more effort and focus on businesses that is needed at this point if time. Make your business relevant  (Do people understand the value of what we bring? Do they know we are in marketing or do they know we are connectors of their project with potential customers?)
  • Start planning what is possible to launch or execute after the MCO. Think forward.
  • Take up loan moratorium to ease the cashflow (If you have loans?.  Preserve cash. Focus on survival and grab opportunities that come along)
  • The staff to work on projects from home. Give them specific task if you are still paying their salary.  (New norm is to work anywhere, it is not to stop working. Give them the required hardware or software and training to do so)
  • Take the opportunity of negotiating the best deal as everyone wants business.  (This is the time to really push through because businesses must still continue)
  • The best negotiator wins. Select the right people to do business with.

Ready for the new norm? Then start doing new things. The competitiveness of our business will continue adjusting itself based on what we do and what our competitors do. When we change faster than our competitors, we thrive. When we fail to adapt and change and the whole world moves ahead, we will disappear from the marathon. Happy learning and applying and do connect with her anytime yeah.

Pn Rozalina with her two good friends, Khalil Adis (blue jeans), Tahir Hussain (blue suit)

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