New banknotes by BNM and only your friend knew about it?

Sometimes, I really do wonder if we are so gullible. Cheating cases continue to happen for the online scams. Some unknown prince would somehow contact you to ask for your help to transfer his money out of his country. You will get half of it, but you must pay some sort of clearance fees first. Haha. Let’s not even venture into the casanova cases or the lottery scams. Another viral Whatsapp happened. This time about Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) discontinuing old notes and beginning 1st January 2017 would have new notes. So, this is supposed to do with the depreciation of ringgit? Or like one article said, the ‘disappearing ringgit?’  Be reminded that should ringgit be disappearing, I think most of the emerging Asian currencies would also disappear. In the end, all of us can use the US$ I guess. Well, if I could choose, I would prefer the Chinese Yuan instead. I would not want to hold a currency which the country continue to have deficits year after year and continue to incur ever higher debts…… Here’s the news.
Coming back to the news about the changing of new notes. First of all, this is BNM that we are talking about. This is not some political party fool with some awesome statement to gain attention. Tan Sri Zeti worked extremely hard but the current one I heard works even harder. Why would BNM want to hide any intention to change notes and furthermore doing it suddenly? By the way, within these few years, I have replied two times when my friends forwarded to me about some new notes. When they forwarded it, I replied, ‘The signature on the notes is not our current BNM governor, Tan Sri Zeti Aziz. New notes can’t have signature from old BNM governors.’ They did not believe me because they did not even know who the BNM governor was! In the end, nothing happened and we continue to use the current banknotes.
screenshot_2016-12-19-21-44-01.pngSecondly, this news about the changing of banknotes was not even reported by any mass media. Not even in Zero news about it and the whole world does not know about it except that friend of yours who forwarded it to you saying it’s totally reliable? Plus the friend of your friend whom I believe must be someone high up in BNM. Actually, this is not all. Within these few years also, I have often been receiving news of the death of some famous personalities. They include Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith and many more. Sometimes, some friends even told me that they are so sad because their idol has passed away. I would just go online, check the news site and reply my friend, ‘Fake news.’ Most of the time, they would be so surprised and asked, ‘how you know you are right?’ Latest one forwarded to me just a few days ago was about some lipstick causing cancer due to excessive lead within it and that to check whether it contain lead or not, just use your gold ring to touch it. It even quoted some doctor (Dr. Nahid Neman) and some institute. Yet, no one bothered to even check and kept forwarding. I no longer know how to and he works in Mt.Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Oh yeah, the image showing it’s another hoax is attached too, just for fun. Please do check before you forward. Be responsible for your actions. Yes, I do have a few friends working in BNM too and they are all good people. Cleverer than me too. Cheers.
written on 19 Dec 2016
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