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Myra Cyberjaya- The Latest Residential Haven in A Progressive Tech Enclave

Press Release: Myra Cyberjaya- The Latest Residential Haven in A Progressive Tech Enclave

Long known as Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), Cyberjaya is a 28.94 sqkm area located in Sepang District, Selangor. Envisioning Silicon Valley, the township was launched in 1997 to accommodate multinational companies and data centres primarily. With careful and progressive planning, Cyberjaya has successfully maintained its balance of commercial, residential, and plentiful leisure activities.

Just recently, Cyberview, the government-owned company mandated to develop the tech hub, has unveiled Cyberjaya’s New Masterplan consisting of five key areas that are poised to hasten the evolution of Cyberjaya into the country’s premier digital economy. Together with a myriad of other advantages such as connectivity, tourist attractions, prime location and urban amenities, these factors have contributed to the town’s steady rise in residential and commercial developments, along with the increase in property valuation throughout the decades. 

With the rising demand for economical yet practical housing and the current challenge in economic turmoil as collateral of the pandemic, many young people find it harder to own a home in prime locations. Hence, with the imminent debut of Myra Cyberjaya, young couples who are planning to start a life together can look forward to living in a centralised location while enjoying more affordable options as compared to the neighbouring vicinity of Putrajaya.

“The current property market is either highly skewed towards the affluent and expats with luxury homes, or caters to the investor market with sized-down residential units that are too small. With Myra Cyberjaya, we aim to build spacious and generational homes for families to grow into,” said Wendy Lim, General Manager of Myra. 

A Unique Mix Of Low And High-Rise Luxury Apartments For All Walks Of Life 

As an upcoming residential development in Cyberjaya, Myra Cyberjaya comprises 11 acres of freehold land with a mixture of high and low rise condominiums. Upon completion, the development will offer units ranging from 872 sq ft – 2,067 sq ft, along with 14 unique floor plans designed to fulfil the needs of different lifestyles.  

Myra Cyberjaya is unveiling its inaugural Phase 1 with a total acreage of 6.39 acres and a gross development value (GDV) of RM180 million for its upcoming launch. There will be 279 units spread across 24 levels in a primary Tower A, which is then separated into four distinct Blocks A1 to A4, available for homebuyers. 

“Rather than flocking with the herd, Myra believes in going against the grain to make homeownership a hassle-free journey, and especially for first-time homebuyers who have already faced enough hurdles over the past year. We want to create a tight-knit community where every homebuyer can enjoy affordability and practicality in a simple yet essential space called home,” Wendy added. 

The Best Environment For Post-Pandemic Living 

As the reality of living with the pandemic sets in, more Malaysians realise the importance of having optimal space to enjoy indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Hence, Myra Cyberjaya is the ideal investment for homeowners looking for a balance between urban and nature because 48% of the total land in Cyberjaya is reserved for public amenities and greenery for residents to promote wellness and sustainability. 

To provide the best home options for the intended target market, Myra has partnered up with award-winning architect yhsA and land architect Praxcis in redefining the concept of affordable luxury, a design approach that uplifts lifestyles by maximising both functional aspects and the aesthetics of the households. 

While Myra Cyberjaya offers many unit sizes for different homebuyers, the Phase 1 units are catered to three main types of homebuyers. The smaller units (800+ sqft) are ideally designed for students, expats and single professionals, the mid-size units (1,200 + sqft) for first-time homebuyers, couples and government servants, and the larger units (1,500+ sqft) for multi-generational and upper-middle-class families. Every unit in Phase 1 has a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom layout, and comes with 2 car parks.  

Ultimately, Myra Cyberjaya prioritises sustainable design in its landscapes by balancing functionality, texture, colour, light, and shadows, focusing on the connection between nature and people. Strategically positioned to provide unobstructed views of Cyberjaya’s natural beauty, residents of Myra Cyberjaya can look forward to putting the top-notch facilities to full use while enjoying the serenity of the nearby lake.

Facilities and amenities available for residents range from an indoor basketball/futsal court, indoor badminton court and co-working space to a gym overlooking the lake and pool, infinity swimming pool, BBQ area, sun deck and lounges. Residents can also enjoy the multi-purpose function room and dining area for communal activities.

“COVID-19 will never truly be out of everyone’s lives, and the need to have a home is even greater as it has proven to be a sanctuary for many during the past year. With Myra Cyberjaya, we hope to provide numerous layouts that are seamlessly adaptable to the needs and wants of every family,” Wendy said. 

An All-Encompassing Township 

As a thriving township filled with MNC-status corporations and renowned universities, incoming residents will benefit from the existing infrastructure that have transformed Cyberjaya into a resident-friendly town over the years. For nearby amenities, Myra Cyberjaya is in close proximity to numerous local primary and secondary schools, international schools, and universities such as King Henry VII College, Multimedia University MMU, University Malaysia Science & Engineering and Heriot-Watt University.

An urban and convenient town is by no means complete without supermarkets and shopping malls that cater to modern day necessities of the neighbourhood. In Cyberjaya, both are easily within grasp with options abound for malls, including D’Pulze, IOI City Mall and Alamanda Mall, not forgetting Village Grocer @ Tamarind Square, AEON Big Putrajaya and Jaya Grocer @ D’Pulze, among others, for quick grocery runs. 

For emergencies and medical attention, residents are a short drive away from over six healthcare facilities — Hospital Cyberjaya, Hospital Putrajaya, National Cancer Institute,  Andorra Women & Children Hospital, KPMC Puchong and Columbia Asia Hospital.

The development is also highly accessible via the ELITE Highway, SKVE Highway, MEX Highway and Putrajaya-Cyberjaya Expressway. Residents can easily travel through public transportations with LRT Kelana Jaya, LRT Putra Height Ampang & Sentul Timur, Putrajaya Sentral, KLIA Transit Line, and soon-to-come MRT 2 within reach. 

For more information on Myra Cyberjaya, as well as practical tips and advice involving property and finance, you can reach Myra on a WhatsApp link or follow Myra’s profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information, visit

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