Press Release: Myra : Caring for Its Homebuyers and Doing The Part Against Covid-19


Myra donates supplies for homebuyers, front-liners and community members

The lives of Malaysians have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. In light of the commencement of movement control order (MCO), everyone, be it individuals, communities, businesses, corporations, and authorities, will play an important role in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Playing their part as a developer with an aim to cultivate tight-knit communities, Myra is making every effort to provide peace of mind to their homebuyers and community members around the Sepang district, while also providing aid to our unsung heroes on the frontlines. 

“We want to contribute in whatever way we can, first and foremost as members of the communities we are in and secondly it’s our responsibility as a property developer to let our communities know that they are not alone in this fight against COVID-19. To succeed in this endeavor, we must help one another through these trying times and Myra will be donating supplies in the form of food, funds and essential equipment to the best of our abilities,” said Wendy Lim, General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Myra. 

For this initiative, Myra has focused on the distribution of over 3.2 tonnes of rice to their purchasers in Sepang. In a bid to assist the invaluable front-liners who are working tirelessly against COVID-19 all throughout this period of MCO, Myra is committing to an ongoing fabrication of face shields for distribution to hospitals, security forces and other front-liners involved in this effort. Many of the dynamic team members of Myra have also volunteered to be involved in the hands-on production of these face shields. The first 2,500 face shields have already been completed and have been sent to the University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), Serdang Hospital and Faculty of Medicine UiTM Sg Buloh.

“Right now, we are prioritizing the distribution of essential items and daily necessities required for everyone who is either staying safe at home or who are away from home carrying out the indispensable duties to weather through to the end of the movement control order period. If required, Myra will contribute more supplies especially to the front-liners,” added Wendy Lim. 

In their effort to provide further assistance to the authorities and the government in this nationwide battle against COVID-19, Myra has also donated RM 50,000 to the Selangor state fund which will be used to further combat the outbreak.

“We believe that as a property developer, we have every chance to be involved in the lives of our homebuyers. We take their well-being seriously because their lives take place in our homes after all. It is especially during times like these that we need to step up and do our part to give back to the community. In doing so, we hope that our contributions will help bring back a sense of semblance of normality to our communities.” said Wendy Lim

To keep up to date and well informed on these initiatives, the COVID-19 situation, as well as practical tips and advice involving property and finance, you can reach Myra on a WhatsApp link or follow Myra’s profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information visit

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