My story featured in Ivory Living

First announcement is that my story was featured in Ivory Living. It tells about my love story where my wife and I did not start on a good note. However, I had no choice because she would not let me go. Ok, ok, it was more like the other way round. We have been married for over 10 years! The article touched upon my decision to buy The Peak Residences. This is the Ivory Living Jan 2014 edition. Do read about it here:  Ivory Living Jan 2014    (page 31) image
Secondly, to all those who has read my blog, thank you for reading my real estate blog. My blog has hit its 50,000 views milestone yesterday. It was started at the very last few days of November 2013 and has now reached nearly 200 articles. Have received lots of comments, encouragements, constructive criticisms and all comments continue to motivate me to keep writing.
When I hit 100,000 views, will announce. If I maintain current views of about 24,000 per month, I think by end of April 2014, I should hit the 100,000 views milestone.
Ranking wise, I think is now one of the leading real estate blogs in Malaysia if not yet number 1.
Cheers everyone.
written on 13 Feb 2014.
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  1. Yr wrote simple and yet profitable articles on investment that is well worth the time n money for many who is learning in this new trade of investment in properties and themselves.
    Mind to guide me as I am in doubt of whether to invest in a subsale landed or condo this year? Should I go in for a new condo or landed but landed could be far again unless the Sg Buloh Sentral is launching on landed this year.
    I prefer location as the main factor due to the rental returns but again, landed is way off now unless I choose SierrA 16 in Puchong or the Sime or InP projects in Shah Alam.

    1. Hi weng lee ping, thanks for encouragement. No one has the same thoughts about property investment. However, please note that buying landed and buying condo typically have different returns. Landed would never have good rental yield because the price is likely to be much higher than a condo. Think objectively, if I am just a single or a couple, it is unlikely for me to rent a landed. Taing care is too cumbersome. If I am a family, I would also not rent a landed, preferring instead to own my own place. Since you mentioned that your main factor is location, it will be condo. Find a good location for which rental is easy to rent out and buy. Landed is far away but the price would rise sooner or later. Remember, when Sunway first started, it’s terrace houses were sold for less than RM70,000. 🙂 No such thing as the best decision. It is all up to you.

  2. TQ for your thought. M still hunting for a good buy, maybe like what mentioned, look out for more fire sales if possible.
    I prefer a hotel living in a condo with security as the main pointer.
    A landed, I like it but location is the main pointer.
    More so, everybody is so busy earning a good living that home gotto be at a convenient location to at least enjoy a good quality sleep!

    1. Yes. Today security should be main consideration. Do let me know your final choice yeah. Take care.

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