My First Home Seminar

There are seminars about buying property every weekend these days. In fact many are conducted by ‘property gurus’ whom you have never heard before. I am not saying they are no good but would you want to attend one where all the speakers are equally good? The below seminar is a special CSR by GM Training Academy for Penangites. It is targeted at first time home buyers and if you run through the questions that they will answer for you, then you know that this is something you do not want to miss. Furthermore, I have personally gained a lot from listening to the below distinguished speakers. Please refer below for full details.

21st June 2014, Penang

As part of our company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we will be organizing My First Home seminar in Penang. As a first time purchaser, we understand the hassle of buying your first property. Normally you will have more questions than answers…..

  1. Where to buy?
  2. How to buy?
  3. What is the process from buying to disbursement of my loan?
  4. Am I eligible to borrow from the bank?
  5. How much can I borrow?
  6. I do not have down payment, can I still buy?
  7. What type of bank packages is available?
  8. How much is the legal fee?
  9. I do not understand the terms in the Sales and Purchase agreement?
  10. and many more

This is why we are organizing this seminar and invites property experts in their related industry to share with you their experience from buying your first property to getting financing from the bank and understanding the legal aspects. This seminar is FREE to the public. Who should be attending?

  1. First Time Home buyers
  2. Real Estate Agents
  3. Anyone who wants to learn and help another person in need.

Our Speakers…..


Michael Geh

Property Expert

Senior Partner of Raine and Horne International, Zaki + Partners Sdn Bhd.


Miichael Yeoh
Author & Mortgage
CEO & Founder GM Training Academy

Chris Tan

Legal Expert

Managing Partner Chur & Associates

Admission for this Event is FREE

Yes you heard us right. As seats are limited please reserve early to avoid disappointment.
Date:                   21st June 2014
Time:                  2pm – 6pm
Venue:                Penang Island (to be notified soon)
Contact:              04-646 0636
Registration:     Fill in the forms here:  below or
sms to 012 476 0519  MYH_<Name><Contact><email>
* This is not a preview talk.


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