MRT Tunnel boring news breakthrough – On track!

MRT Tunnel boring news. No, the ‘boring’ here is not the same meaning as not interested. It’s a tunnelling news. The breakthrough for the twin MRT tunnels right underneath Jalan Bukit Bintang has been completed. I drove past twice during the weekend without feeling anything. Then again, if I could I think I may not be writing now right. The overall MRT underground works stands at 68.5% completion as at end September while overall tunnelling is 88 percent. The tunnelling work will complete by no later than March 2015 while underground work would continue until December 2016. This is the MRT Line 1 for Sungai Buloh – Kajang covering 51km and 9.5km underground. There will be seven underground stations when completed. they are KL Sentral, Pasar Seni, Merdeka, Bukit Bintang Sentral, Pasar Rakyat, Cochrane and Maluri.
Question. Will you be taking the MRT once its completed? Taking the connecting busses to the MRT station, walk a bit to the bus stops everyday? Are you a manager who needs to show your executives there’s a difference between you and them? In Singapore, there’s only one reason why MRT is loved by everyone. Accessibility is besides the point. The main reason is because the government said, ‘use MRT’. Then, they made sure very few people could afford a car. Once you buy a car, they ensure the car is scrapped after your Certificate of Entitlement expires. Petrol price is deliberately set high, even higher than the world petrol price. If you dare to drive into the CBD area, you are also charged toll. When all these are done, people believe MRT is the best mode of transport, starts using them and over time, everyone accepts and loves it. Some even claimed that its convenient which is true if you are a single, young and healthy adult. When you need to bring your aging parents out for a meal or when you have a baby and your wife wanted to do some grocery shopping or when you are not feeling well but needed to meet some friends at the other end of the MRT and you have to stand ALL THE WAY. I did not want to begin talking about when it rains. I am not sure about the managers here in Malaysia, whether they would be willing to ditch their cars for the MRT just like the Singaporeans. Perhaps for this case, we must make Singaporeans our very best example. After all, everyone and anyone who needs to travel from one place to another takes MRT. Even CEOs, by choice. Can’t wait for MRT to be completed and opened.
Oh yeah, more importantly, have you studied all the properties along the stations? Have you found some gems or jewels worth investing in? The prices tend to go up once MRT is completed but do note that buying a RM1000 per sf condo just because it’s next to MRT station may not be right. I am not so sure what these richer Malaysians think about taking MRT. If they love taking MRT, I am not sure if they want to stay too close to any MRT stations. If they hate taking MRT, there goes your potential huge profits. Think carefully. If majority are right, your RM1,000 per sf condo is not going to sell for RM1,500 per sf because majority in Malaysia are not the upper market you are looking for. Happy buying.
written on 27 Oct 2014
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  1. I would love to take MRT/ LRT to my work place, shopping and etc just like what i did in SG. My house is just 2.5KM away from LRT station. I don’t take train in KL for my daily activities. Firstly, 30 mins walk under the sun or rain without shade and proper walkway are the major concern for me. Plus, Non of the LRT/ Monorail station in Klang Valley provides multi level parking space for the nearby residents to park their car and take train to the destination as they wish.
    MRT/ LRT is an ideal public transport provides convenience to the residents. Other than taking public cab and bus to the station, residents can go by their own car, bicycle and by foot. Residents can drop their car at multi level car park at the station. Proper walk lane and bicycle lane need to be built for those resident without car as well as encourage resident has healthy lifestyle by walking or cycling.

    1. Yes! Let’s aim at this. If this happens I think many would b using it.

  2. I would take train on and off sometimes. Do share out if you spotted property that near future MRT 1/2 stations which is selling affordable price. 🙂

    1. Haha. Term affordable please. 🙂

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