MRT Line 2. Good news to cheer about.

Yes, it’s only going to be ready in 2022. Yes, many things can happen along the way but can any MRT lines be suddenly approved, tender starts and constructions fully completed within three years anyway? Sorry, got carried away by someone who commented that all these mega plans will only be ready in 2022, so no need to get too excited. To be honest, I was not feeling excited. However, I am happy for this piece of good news. It meant that things are still moving forward for Malaysia. It meant that my thoughts of property investments in the Klang Valley are still intact. It also meant that the number of potential ‘good spots’ will increase.
The proposed MRT Sungai Buloh to Serdang and onwards to Putrajaya (SSP Line) has been approved by the government. With this approval, MRT Corp will now proceed with the construction of the SSP Line which is the second line under the MRT project. This project will serve a corridor with a population of two million. The final alignment saw some minor tweaking at two locations at Kuchai lama and Sungai Besi. This will minimise the impact from land acquisition and to enable the optimisation of usage of the remaining land after the acquisition.
MRTBesides this, an additional elevated station will be built near the Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) between stations S25 at Sungai Besi and S26 at Serdang Raya North. With this, the SSP Line will now have 37 stations (bigger than MRT 1) of which 25 stations are elevated while 11 would be underground and one is “half-sunken” The SSP line will allow more residents to have access to the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur and in future, the SSP line will integrate with the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore Hgh Speed Rail. Overall length remain unchanged at 52.2km. Phase one (Sungai Buloh and Kampung Batu) will be operational by July 2021 while the remaining sections of Kampung Batu to Putrajaya Sentral will be operational by July 2022.
written on 23 Oct 2015
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