Take MRT yeah. Save more than driving and parking.

MRT will change the area dynamics, that’s for sure. Here’s an earlier article on why it would. MRT stations will change the area dynamics It will also cause property prices along the line, nearby the stations and newer launches to be more expensive. This is based on what has happened in the countries which has MRT lines earlier than us. That was also how some opportunistic businessmen who managed to buy lands along and around these lines become super-rich. Sorry, it did not include me. I do hope some of kopiandproperty.my readers did just that. Perhaps hold for a while and then sell to developers when the time comes? The full MRT Line 1 – Sungai Buloh – Kajang will start on 17-7-2017. This is an auspicious date. That’s the date that someone in Sungai Buloh can take the MRT and go until Kajang without the need to be jammed. Yes, it is also the date when the MRT Line 1 is fully operational.
Currently, it is not which meant that those working in KL city centre but stays somewhere along the MRT Line could not use it yet. An estimated 500,000 passengers will take the trains daily. This is a healthy number. I hope that it would go higher in a few years’ time. Of course, the authorities would have to use both ‘sweetners’and ‘stick’ approach to push more people to use MRT. If I change job and does not need to visit customers anymore, I would also be one who would use public transport. Oh yeah, the news about the starting date? Read here  in themalaymailonline.  It’s just one month away.
Based on my interactions with a few friends however, their perceptions remain the same. Those areas they like, they still like and those areas they feel it’s far away, they still feel it’s far away. This is the same even if those areas are long the line. Well,changes do not happen overnight. I think we need to give all these potential home buyers some time. Let it be a normal thing first. Perhaps the real estate negotiators can even meet them at MRT stations somewhere and take the train to the potential home. Happy taking the MRT yeah.
written on 9 June 2017
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