MRT 3 Circle Line and what the experts say

MRT 3 Circle Line and what the experts say

I have written many articles on the MRTs of Malaysia. From the MRT Kajang Line (formerly known as the SBK line) to the current-nearly-open MRT Putrajaya Line aka MRT 2 and every time I write about MRT 3 Circle Line, the clicks show that people are interested with it too. Now, let’s summarise what the experts are saying about the MRT 3 Circle Line.

Article in Economist Professor Dr Yeah Kim Leng of the Sunway University said, “The greater use of public transport is in line with the development of a low-carbon economy, as well as a cleaner environment with reduced air pollution problems.”

He also said, “An efficient public transport system will generate savings in transport cost for the general public, especially the low-income group.”

MRT3 implementation is positive for the overall economy and the construction sector too.

Transport expert Goh Bok Yen said, “Without any doubt, MRT3 has an obvious role and objective to play in Greater Kuala Lumpur’s public transport system. Besides completing the MRT system in a circle line, the new network will enable the rail system to function at its optimum level as planned.”

However, he has this to say about the current tentative alignment. “After browsing through the tentative alignment, I am particularly worried about the visual, social, economic and environmental impacts of the elevated track along the Bangsar South, Damansara and Mont Kiara area. Instead, MRT3 should complement the area rather than kill it.”

Universiti Putra Malaysia Road Safety Research Centre head Associate Professor Dr Law Teik Hua said just like other major cities in the world, Kuala Lumpur also needed a Circle Line. he said, “I believe that upon completion, it will attract more people to use the public rail network.” He added, “One of the reasons could be the lack of access to public transport. The Circle Line will be helpful not only to attract locals to use it and increase the ridership rate but also to facilitate tourists.” Please do read the full article here: Article in

Property investment based on the MRT 3 Circle Line stations?

I think many buyers may be putting their final decision based on the final alignment of the MRT 3 Circle line. At the moment, I have not seen the official one. If we like one speculative one published in, then it’s here: MRT 3 Circle Line. Where are all the stations really?

If we read all the comments from the experts above, what they have shared are the benefits from the MRT 3. These benefits will surely help more people move to places closer to the stations. However, it does not change the household income of Malaysians. In other words, if the price is too expensive for people to buy, it is still going to be too expensive for people to buy.

Regardless of how close the units are to the MRT station it will be too expensive if the price we paid is already very high. If we remember this fact, then our decision should be a safer one. Happy deciding.

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