From most polluted to ‘Venice of the East’.

Yes, an online article in said that one of the most polluted rivers in Johor will be transformed into the ‘Venice of the East’ once it’s cleaned up. This is part of a RM2.5 billion revitalisation project by Riverside Terra Sdn Bhd. The river is Sungai Danga. The aim is simple. This ‘Venice of the East’ will become a renowned riverine tourism destination. Besides just the river itself, there would also be apartments, hotels, office suites with berthing facilities, retail shops as well as a 6km long landscaped pedestrian path on both banks of the river. Besides that, there would also be the construction of two man made islands with a theme which will reflect the state’s ethnic and cultural diversity.
I have personally been to the real Venice in Italy. It was there that my ex-girlfriend (my wife today, haha) and I got entertained by a handsome Italian who sings as he slowly navigate his gondola along the canals and showed us how some of the buildings were already below the water and that the water was rising every year. He even told us that the prison was also underwater. No idea if what he said was true though! Actually, the river was not that clean either but it is connected to the sea. However, there were really lots of activities along the river catering to ‘cheap’ tourists like me to the expensive ones like those featured in a James Bond movie.
Thus, it would not be easy to become the ‘Venice of the East’. One thing that I never doubt though would be the developers of today. Many have wide experience and connections to make a lot of things work and thus I am waiting to see more images or the overall project plan for this once its available. No doubt, some would say Singapore already have Clarke Quay which is already so popular, who would want to flock to this ‘Venice of the East?’ I think everyone should understand that these two would be a little far from one another to be a competition in the evenings when you just want to be near to water and enjoy your Happy Hour. If you are in Johor, why jam all the way to Clarke Quay and vice-versa if you happen to be in Singapore. Not true? Well, then just find a place overlooking a clean river with lots of activities to buy in Singapore then. 🙂
written on 18 May 2015
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