Moratorium – Links to all the banks’ moratorium programme. 21 of them here.

Here are most of the banks in Malaysia and their relief / support / moratorium program for customers. Do go ahead and choose the bank where you have your loans, click on it to read their latest announcements. I do think the one about the latest moratorium will be out in a few days’ time. Let them have time to update as the moratorium was just announced 2 days ago.

Remember, as long as you apply, the banks are supposed to approve it without asking if you actually need it or you were applying just because you wanted those money to buy things online. It does NOT cover credit card debts yeah. However, the banks do have a solution for it too. Read it here: JMoratorium” Does it cover credit cards?

As for the list of the banks, happy referring to it as below.

1. Moratorium Maybank

2. Moratorium Bank Rakyat

3. Moratorium Bank Islam

4. Moratorium CIMB

5. Moratorium BSN

6. Moratorium Public Bank

7. Moratorium Ambank

8. Moratorium RHB

9. Moratorium Affin Bank

10. Moratorium MBSB

11. Moratorium Bank Muamalat

12. Moratorium Kuwait Bank

13. Moratorium CitiBank

14. Moratorium Alliance Bank

15. Moratorium AgroBank

16. Moratorium Hong Leong Bank

17. Moratorium SME Bank

18. Moratorium Standard Chartered Bank

19. Moratorium Al Rajhi Bank

20. Moratorium UOB Bank

21. Moratorium OCBC Bank

22. Bank Negara Malaysia website. Explaining the moratorium program which will start from 7th July 2021.

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