MM2H will benefit from reopening but stricter rules is a risk?

MM2H will benefit from reopening but stricter rules is a risk?

MM2H has new rules. It’s much stricter than previously. An earlier article here: Latest on MM2H Malaysia. Rules are relaxed for current MM2H participants. Good news? Malaysia has also reopened its borders. International visitors would start to come back. We used to have 24 million visitors every year prior to Covid-19. That’s 2 million every month on average. Would some of these think of Malaysia as their second home? Or perhaps even a home they stay at least 90 days every year?

Well, if they really do not wish to stay then no need to bother and take up MM2H yeah. There are definitely countries where it’s far more relaxed in terms of the rules. However, they are not Malaysia yeah. Here, English is widely spoken. Here, people are friendly. Here we have food which is second to none in the world. Here, we have beaches, islands, forests and mountains which are really wonders of nature and NOT something built. This is Malaysia yeah.

Please do come here for the right reasons. Please do market Malaysia to these people with the right reasons and NOT becuse we are cheapest and some other monetary related reasons. It’s foolish and it’s wrong. Now for the latest news about MM2H from some industry people.

Article in CCO & Associates (KL) Sdn Bhd ED Chan Wai Seen said, “It is important to note that the current MM2H programme is at the bottom of the cycle. So, the only way is up, going forward.” He added, “However, we believe that many interested applicants may put on hold their plans due to the recent change in the rules.” The reason is because of stricter new MM2H application rules.

Centre for Market Education CEO Dr Carmelo Ferlito said it is too early to say whether the MM2H programme will benefit from the reopening of borders. He said, “I think with the current conditions which are more stringent than before, we can consider the MM2H as a dead programme.”

In January 2022, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin said the ministry received 111 applications since November 2021 and he also believed that at least 1,000 people would apply for the programme in 2022 and this is similar with previous years. Article in

One said MM2H is dead, the other said it will be back to normal

I am not in the MM2H business yeah. That’s why the media did not ask for my opinion. 🙂 However, the one who said MM2H is a dead programme because of stringent condition is really one far extreme versus the person who said that the MM2H applications will go back to normal in 2022. I repeat. If we are attracting people to come to Malaysia because we are only selling the fact that we are cheap, cheap and cheap, then please GET OUT of the business.

There are reasons why we love foreigners to make Malaysia a second home. We want them to spend their time here. We want them to spend their retirement money here. We want them to feel Malaysia is a second home. If we say the latest requirements are very strict, then the previous requirement is too loose. I have no intention to be some MM2H business and I remain very committed to share all the good things about Malaysia everyday. If you are a MM2H potential applicant reading this, you are definitely looking at the right country to retire and do so many exciting things too.

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