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Penang will host a new Mitsui Outlet in the near future (need a date!)

Penang will host a new Mitsui Outlet in the near future (need a date!)

I am someone who loves to shop. My credentials include 36 pairs of shoes (nope they are just my shoes and does not include slippers and already deducted all those thrown away) and over 70 shirts (nope, they do not include T-shirts). Hope this qualifies me to write an article about Mitsui Outlet? Haha. I have been to Mitsui Outlet countless times. I have never driven there exclusively if it’s not because I need to catch a flight or picking up someone but suffice to say, when I have things to do nearby, I would drop by.

Mitsui Outlet may be opening in Penang soon yeah. Good news indeed for Penangites and me when I visit Penang again more frequently in the very near future. Yes, I still have properties there after selling off the first two homes of mine over there and moving to Kuala Lumpur for the last 8 years plus. read on to know more.

Article in MFMA Development Sdn Bhd managing director TJ Cheah was reported saying in NST Online, “We’re planning to open in Penang. At the moment, we don’t have a date [of launching] because we’re still going through some processes with the local authorities.”

He added, “But we’re getting there. We’ll announce it soon, hopefully in the next month or two.”  

The new Mitsui Outlet Mall will be a joint venture between Mitsui Fudosan Co Ltd and Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd. Cheah also shared that Mitsui Outlet has started to gain traction among mid-income earners. He said, “At first, people didn’t seem to understand what the outlet offers, but when they realised that we offer discounts and products that are below the original prices, I think people find that as a really good deal.”

Cheah also said, “Our consumers in Southeast Asia prefer to touch and feel things. People drive all the way out here (Mitsui Outlet KLIA) to see the products themselves, feel it, test it, wear it, be comfortable with it, and be satisfied before they make that purchase.” Please do read more here: Article in

The more the merrier, of course

I am not a supporter of ‘too many malls’ view yeah. Which means that I am also against the idea that Penang should have just the current players and should not welcome new outlets. As a consumer, I just know that the mall must have the brands I like, must have the price I could afford and it must be in a comfortable setting and environment. Frankly, it’s hard to get people to buy if it’s hot and stuffy and well, parking is so hard to find. As for the market for this potential Mitsui Outlet in Penang, hey, Penang International Airport alone welcomes 10 million visitors per year before Covid-19. Happy nothing this fact and happy shopping.

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