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More flights from Singapore to Tawau, Sandakan

More flights from Singapore to Tawau, Sandakan

I have been to Sandakan ONLY 30 times or more.

Haha. Okay, my wife’s from Sandakan, so that explains too. Yes, I own a condo in Sandakan too. These days, when I fly to Sandakan, I no longer go to all the amazing places for tourists. I go there for seafood… seafood and seafood. Even their Ba Kut Teh has seafood Ba Kut Teh version too. Imagine drinkig the soup and eating prawns… garoupa meat… etc at the same time. Haha.

Erm… what fish is siakap again?

Seafood wise, especially about fish meat, please do not tell them about siakap fish, the people here will look at you strangely. Their usual fish meat, even for the noodle stalls is GAROUPA. Yeah, the ‘luxury’ fish here in the Klang Valley. So, if Singaporeans are reading this article, you will definitely enjoy Sandakan tremendously. Lots of nature places which is second to none aorund this whole region if not the world, lots of great seafood and lots of other foodstuff which is from the sea. Seafood in Hong Kong for example is imported from Sandakan too.

Now, here’s that news about a submission of a proposal from Sabah’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment to Singapore Airlines to increase their flights to Sandakan and Tawau. More tourists means more demand for accommodation. Now imagine what will start to happen to hotels and also property investment if there are hundreds of Singaporeans visiting every week… or every few days. Let’s read on about the proposal for flights.

Article in Sabah’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Jafry Ariffin said that Sabah would like to have more flights from Singapore to Tawau and Sandakan. that direct flights to the Sandakan and the Tawau airports would help invigorate the tourism sector in Sabah. He said a meeting with Singapore Senior Minister of State for National Development and Foreign Affairs Sim Ann was held on the matter yesterday.

He said, “The flight routes will make it easier for foreign tourists to go to interesting tourism destinations such as Pulau Sipadan in Semporna, the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan and many more.”

“The ministry is seeking to attract the participation of Singapore airlines to expand their flight routes.” Currently, there are three weekly flights between Kota Kinabalu and Singapore. Airlines flying into Sabah include AirAsia, Scoot, Royal Brunei and Firefly. Please read the full article here: Article in

I have never been to Tawau too

I have been to Kota Kinabalu like 20 times. I have even climbed the Mount Kinabalu successfully twice! Haha. However, I have never flown into Tawau before. I do think it should be soon since my good friend in Tawau has invited me like Xth time to go there and he will bring me around. Well, perhaps when I fly there, I would see a lot of Singaporeans in Tawau too? Hopefully by then there would be flights betewen Singapore and Tawau.

I am very sure many Tawau people would definitely love to visit Singapore and many of them could easily afford the trip too even if SGD is stronger than RM. Let’s hope this plan comes true if Singapore realised that Tawau could be another place where it could get continuous visitors too.

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