Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA: Looking fine but…

img20160605194139.jpgGood crowd? Yes. Car park pretty full? Yes. Lots of people in the restaurants? Not all restaurants. Enough people walking around to categorise as healthy? Yes. This was on a Sunday evening, in Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA. I dropped by after picking up my in-laws from KLIA. It was their second trip and my third. There are today more shops opened than when I first visited. In fact I think it should be nearly fully occupied. I could see the few Zalora shoplots closed. Oh yeah, was it a good trip for a shopaholic like me? Yes, I bought a new pair of Polo jeans and a pair of new Camel Active leather shoe. Total discounts? Polo was at 70 percent (left 30, 34, 38 sizes) and Camel Active leather shoe? (One size left). Haha.
img20160605194433.jpgThis brings us back to  my earlier comments. This Outlet park is just not “PREMIUM” Outlet enough. There were still brands which I consider as more common and is easily available in many of the malls in Kuala Lumpur. Perhaps this is why the premium word was not in its name? I have no idea but I hope that the second phase would include even more of those premium brand names. Oh yeah, some time back I wrote about this when I visited it for the very first time. Read here: Mitsui Outlet Park vs Johor Premium Outlet 
Less premium brands aside, I think with the continuous coaches between KLIA and Mitsui Outlet Park, I think it would continue to do well. Anyway it’s a good place to shop and dine especially for those whose flights arrived at 5-6pm and driving back into KL may be too late for dinner. In terms of driving there solely for shopping, let’s just say I am not recommending it at this point in time. However, I would definitely drop by again on 17th June when I am on my way to Sandakan. Hopefully there are even more things to grab. Haha. Happy shopping.
written on 6 June 2016
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