During this Movement Control Order (MCO), are you still investing? Hopefully you are. It does not matter whether it’s into gold or into stocks or even property researching which is a veryt important due diligence we need to do. This is not just the time to sit back and keep eating. Not good for health too. 🙂 I personally think there are opportunities in every crisis and I think all investments must start with a due diligence.

It should also include lots of research and understanding what we are buying too. Mistakes could happen with what we buy when there’s no crisis. However, mistakes during a crisis would make it worse because it may be harder to get out of.

I am honoured to be invited by Dato’ KK Chua to join Nick Tan the COO of Sharefer for the upcoming PropertyInsight Strait Talk. The topic we will be discussing today is “Mistakes to avoid when buying in crisis.” So, do drop by my FB page where I will share the FB LIVE or go to Property Insight’s FB page. Date is today (13th April 2020) and the time is 830pm sharp. Hope to see as many of you as possible yeah. I am very sure Dato’ KK Chua will ask many interesting questions to both Nick and myself.


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