Crisis brings opportunity as they say. Well, as long as we do not over-stretch or commit some mistakes, then I think it should be fine to invest even during the current Movement Control Order (MCO) which is due to COVID-19. By the way, investing here does not need to be just into properties yeah. Property is quite illiquid. Once we move in, it will take time to come out. Stocks could be an option but just remember that volatility is much higher too.

Want to listen to my views? I am honoured to be invited by Property Insight to share my thoughts on this topic: “Mistakes to avoid when buying in crisis.” Dato’ KK Chua actually asked a lot of good questions. Since I have shared in FB Live, I think it’s good to share with all readers too. Please do click below and happy listening yeah. If you think it’s beneficial to you, do share out to your friends. Take care.


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