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Chance to buy a top 10 tallest building in Malaysia a.k.a Menara TM

Chance to buy a top 10 tallest building in Malaysia a.k.a Menara TM

Just too exciting not to write about it

Too many people shared this exciting news in their FB account. Everyone has their own views too. So I decided to at least see if I have the money to buy. Haha. After I checked, I know my bank account has way too little money to send in my expression of interest. So below would be my view as well as some explanation about what is this ‘expression of interest.’ What’s so different between selling Menara TM and that RM1 million residential property.

The advertisement looks like below. It says ‘For Sale’ but as usual, it stated very clearly at the end that this is For Sale by Expression of Interest.

What is expression of interest?

Well, it means you tell the appointed marketing agent that you have interest to buy Menara TM. They reserve the right to ask you a lot more questions to ascertain your suitability (can pay or not… who are you etc) and also interest (are you serious or not and why you want to buy?) and whatever other requirements which the owner would like to know prior to starting the sale process.

This is not a RM1 million home yeah. No point in engaging anyone who may not be able to proceed until the end. I do wonder how soon people can forget the name of Menara TM and start calling this tower by the name of the new owner instead. What if a big brand name buys this up as its regional HQ? Wow, that would be a coup not just for the owner but for Malaysia too.

Happy following.

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Header Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay


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