Melaka for medical tourism? Let’s do it.

Melaka for medical tourism? Let’s do it. 1.3 million people came to Malaysia for medical treatment in 2019. Article in here. They spent RM1.7 billion and this is JUST the medical portion yeah.

We have yet to calculate the money they spend on accommodation for their family members who accompanied them, all other expenses when they decided to have a vacation in Malaysia after their treatment too. So, medical tourism is indeed a catalyst for economic growth and definitely the property market too. The two well known states they go to for their medical treatment is Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Well, maybe Melaka can also muscle their way into this in the future? Here’s the plan which was announced and it will take 6 years to fully complete. Well, as long as it has started and as long as we do not have a big delay, I think 6 years is fine.

Article in Nexgram Holdings Bhd will take six years to develop its proposed medical complex in Melaka, comprising a hospital building, a hotel, a condotel, and a service shop-office home-office. Its wholly-owned unit, Nexgram Biomedic Sdn Bhd (NBSB), is buying a 10.03-hectare piece of leasehold land from Melaka State Development Corporation (PKNM) for the medical complex to be known as Melaka Lifecare Specialist, for RM61.53 million.

Nexgram said, “The acquisition represents a strategic investment for the group as the project is a public-private cooperation initiative that is in line with the Melaka government’s push to further develop Melaka’s economy in the next five to ten years. As such, the future prospect of the project is expected to be favourable.” Do read the article in full yeah: Article in

Melaka needs more catalysts for foreign tourists

It is safe to say that during the times before COVID-19, we can see Singaporean registered cars easily in Melaka. Somehow a 3.5 hour drive from Singapore to Melaka will allow Singaporeans to escape their country for something different and after they have already explored Johor frequently enough. Plus the fact that the food diversity in Melaka and that of Johor are totally different too.

However, just food alone means people come and people leave quite quickly. As for other attractions, if I am a Singaporean family, I will visit the few typical attractions maybe once per year. I cannot be visiting the same thing every weekend. I think we also need to be frank with this assessment too. However medical tourism will open up a totally new market yeah. It does not need to be just Singaporeans and for medical tourism, Malaysia is definitely second to none.

Let’s push it, push it some more. All the best Melaka. I will visit you again, soon. usually 3-5 times per year. Nope, I have yet to own a place in Melaka which I could access the swimming pool. Let me think…

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