Perhaps marketing is getting more sophisticated.

Remember a few weeks ago during Chinese New Year, many developers were trying to outdo each other with their television advertisement? Read here: Emerging Trend or Desperation? Actually, 2015 is the first time I see so many developers advertising at the same period. To understand if this an emerging trend, we have to look at 2016 Chinese New Year. Perhaps they may even advertise during other festive periods? Yesterday, someone told me of a developer who is launching their project and buyers may get to ride hot balloons. While I have no detail if buyer must pay deposit or not in order to get a hot balloon ride but this is definitely a new thing in the market! Imagine visiting a showhouse and you like the concept but needs to think a bit and the sales person tells you that if you can decide now, you and family can have a hot balloon ride? 🙂  Yes, I can see that smile on your face.
There are also more cases of developers offering free flights and accommodation if the buyer happen to be those wealthy and high potential buyers. This free flight is not confined to just within Malaysia. Many have informed me of groups of buyers from Japan or China flying to Malaysia to have a look at the show house as well as a vacation. Most of the time, if the buyer signs, the whole trip would be fully paid for. For the Japanese, a round of golf would be greatly appreciated.
When we look at these new ‘techniques’, if it is not due to the slowdown in the market, then perhaps the property marketing in Malaysia has now reached a maturity stage and every developer would now have to try something new in order to excite the buyers. Perhaps the next one would be a free cruise from a certain port to the port nearest to the property show house? Free food, entertainment and property talks by property gurus during the cruise so that by the time these potential buyers arrive at the destination port, they would already be ready to buy? Well, if they are not, they can always pay for their trip home, with the same cruise. Let’s wait for this one then. Happy ‘enjoying’ before buying or perhaps ‘enjoy’ after buy.
written on 7 Apr 2015
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    actually this project is not bad at all judging by its package.

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