Malaysians’ overseas preference: Australia, Singapore,Indonesia and the UK

If I am forced to choose a country to migrate to, my choice would be the UK and not Australia. There are multiple reasons but let’s just put it as personal preference. According to a survey by PropertyGuru reported by Bernama, in terms of Malaysians thinking about investing in overseas properties, their preference would be Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. Perhaps I have yet to attain that stage, that’s why I did not choose Australia yet. Sorry, Singapore is definitely out. I need big space, not just ever taller buildings built close to one another.
Why do they love to invest in overseas? The factors include better rental yields (56 per cent), strong capital appreciation (55 per cent) and “better environment” as well as retirement (both at 46 per cent). These factors are then followed by children’s education at 36 percent. The survey was done in collaboration with Added Value-Saffron Hill, a Singapore-based independent professional research agency. The survey aims to help consumers and property agents understand the local property market to make better business and buying decisions.
I disagree with some of the results from the survey because rental yields for Malaysian properties is definitely not lower than many of the countries stated. The reason is because property prices in many of these countries have increased more than Malaysia. Of course due to the cooling measures, the prices have come down. This is perhaps one reason they the investors believe that the strong capital appreciation would continue. Retirement is however a very good reason, I find it tough to walk outside the office these days because of the heat. Surely Australia or the UK would provide me with a better alternative.
Oh yeah, if I were to send my children to further their studies, the choice is clear. Haha. Sorry for being ‘unfair.’ I prefer British universities. Thus, if I could afford a unit overseas, it would be in the UK. Perhaps not necessarily be London. Why not Bristol instead? Happy reading and understanding these surveys but do remember, our property investment should be determined by ourselves. Following exactly what a survey says may not be the best actions possible. Have a nice day.
written on 5 Apr 2016
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  1. eric3417 avatar

    Rich malaysians over past decades worry mostly Currency depreciation.
    Yield in malaysia is higher indeed mostly but currency drop 30%.
    Forex Recovering but history statistic not favorable.
    Not to mention the increase daily crimes.
    And erosion of Democracy.

    1. Thanks Eric. Currency drop 30% is versus USD? Prior to 1998, it’s as high as 2.50 to 1USD. In 1997/8, it’s as bad as close to rm5 to 1USD. Or against sgd? For asean n future, I suggest competitiveness b maintained against indonesia, thailand, the Philippines n even vietnam instead of singapore. Looking at just GDP it’s clear bigger countries will b bigger once they stabilize n starts growing. Daily crimes vs the world stats is debatable even vs developed countries but I agree it’s increasing a lot and more needs to be done. Erosion of democracy? Haha. Truthfully, I m not sure if democracy is the best these days when I look at the world. Cheers.

  2. eric3417 avatar

    Generally agrees with u that within Asean besides SG which can be consider a Freak of Nature,
    Malaysia is the 2nd best place to be in. Be it in terms of GDP, favorable Demographic and growth
    potential. But for the RICH (HNW), their outlook and options are very much Different from us.
    It’s quite logical for them to divest part or most of their wealth to those few Countries mentioned
    in this Article, I have reservation against Indonesia thou. Simple e.g: Past decade if a rich malaysian
    is to put his millions in SG’s property, His return would have been over 100% for CA & Forex gain.
    Just sharing my thoughts. Im however optimistic in Msia/Iskandar long term outlook.
    I’m even looking to retire in Iskandar in future.
    No choice. Not HNW. 🙁

    1. Hi Eric, Singapore is a little too small and it too would have to try to be as integrated as possible to ASEAN. I also consider Malaysia as a small nation and we too would have to be as competitive as possible to all the bigger neighbours. As a region, ASEAN is still big enough and could not be taken lightly. As for HNWs, even if you ask if they like to remain in just one country, their answer would still be No. They want to be everywhere they want to be and not be tied to just one country. Without starting a business, it is impossible to be HNWs from monthly salaries. However, with investment we can make our lives better and can still travel to majority of all countries slowly. That’s my little goal. Cheers.

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