Malaysia’s total trade is RM2 trillion for 2021 thus far. No one shared, so I share lah.

Malaysia’s total trade is RM2 trillion for 2021 thus far. No one shared, so I share lah. This is the news article in

What was before? How do I know if RM2 trillion is high?

Total trade in 2020 amounting to RM1.777 trillion. Considered good since we know Covid-19 caused lockdowns of many months in 2020. Well, this trade amount could have been matched in October 2021 (means in 10 months) and the number after full month of November is RM2.01 trillion.

We still have December 2021 numbers to go yeah. However, despite these positive numbers, I did not see it in my FB page or any group Whatsapp. Well, as usual, when I have negative articles, my views increase. When I write positive news, the views will reduce. So… yes, this article is likely to have lower views.

Is Malaysia a top trading nation then?

Malaysia is ranked 24th out of the top 25 trading nations in the world. Full list of top 25 trading nations in the world is here. By the way, ASEAN countries are doing well. There are 4 of us within the top 25. If we add just these 4 up, we are 6.3% of the world’s total exports! This is why I really think ASEAN must be more united and speak with one voice versus each supporting different superpowers.

You know lah, just look at the Covid-19 vaccines and you can see who is supporting who lah. Also look at the weapons supplier and we can also guess a bit too. Malaysia ah? We have no particular country yeah. We have Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca and Sinovac as the three main ones; US, UK and China. Neutral enough lah. We have fighter jets from Russia and the US and the older ones from UK and the future ones probably from some ASIAN countries. Hopefully can pay for partial payment with palm oil exports? Haha. 🙂

Here’s that list again: Full list of top 25 trading nations in the world is here.

Yes, I always do my small part in supporting my dearest country ( I have just one)

I am still driving a Persona. Trouble-free and has hit 150,500km thus far. People can say I cannot afford a Vios lah, so I buy Persona lah. Haha. Maybe they are right. My wife drives an Exora. People say that’s because I could not afford a proper MPV like the Toyota Innova? Haha. Maybe they are right as well. Noted on all comments yeah. I shall continue my car choices for now.

When I buy things, I always take a glance at the manufacturing country. If it’s Malaysia, even if it’s slightly more expensive, I will get the Malaysian one. I know, people will say that the factory worker may not be Malaysian and the money may be sent back to the workers’ home country. I say? Noted. I will still continue buying Malaysian first.

After all these years, I realise that if I intend to change, I can only control mostly one person; me. So, even if writing negative news about Malaysia will get more views and writing positive news somehow gets far lower views, I will still write good news about Malaysia when I read one. Thanks for reading and sharing. Take care.

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