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Important home inspection tips for your new asset

Important home inspection tips for your new asset

I wrote this article some time back. The To-Do list for inspecting your new home (click to read) An experienced real estate negotiator (click here to know him) read it and added a few more important points. I do think all are logical and easy to follow tips. Please do read what he suggested and take actions yeah.

#1 KEYs are key

First thing when we enter the house, use all the keys given to us by the developer. Please check the set of keys they gave you. The reason is because during a recent key collection, I noticed developers are getting sloppy and usually 1 out of 3 sets of keys are not usable. (It may not be a major issue but hey, they are supposed to provide USABLE keys!)

#2 Water is a serious issue

Turn on the taps and let the water run. For the sink and the toilets and bathrooms. Try and hear any weird noise(s). Let the water run to check leaks on sinks and check the floor level in bathroom. If the water doesn’t flow fast enough (10 min of constant water), then that’s a defect. (nobody wants to wait 10 minutes after shower for the water to drain properly)

#3 Electric is next on the checking list.

Electric point is a bit hard if there are only light points but no lights. At the least, bring a phone charger and just try and charge using all the available 3 point plug first. Those are the most important ones as any renovation would need to use these points.

#4 – Slanting floor is common too. (but not for all areas)

Floor wise, bring a water bottle filled with water. Put it on the floor and see if it rolls. If it rolls fast, u know it’s slanting. Of course certain area like kitchen or even shower room might be purposely designed as such for water running purposes. Of course, the living room area should not have a slanting floor yeah.

#5 – Gap in tiles

Tile gaps are usually 2mm indoors n 3mm outdoors. Note down the model and the supplier of the tile for easy future replacement. If it’s timber vinyl, developer nowadays will be giving a thicker 4-6mm ones. Just check for gaps and and floating ones or not. Floating is usually caused by over heating n you know you will need to do tinting for that area. Timber floors are sensitive to heat especially in Malaysia.

#6 – Yards are supposed to hold water

Test the wet area too if you have one. The yard is suppose to handle water n soaks. So test the water point, let it run, see any complains from the bottom unit if you are buying a condo.If landed, check ur water tank area. Usually above the stairs. Many units have water leakage issue as developer did not put enough water proofing. Hence you may be able to see dry marks or fungus marks. For fungus marks, you can usually see with your eyes. Or you may be able to feel wet patches and certain cases powdery ones too.

So, home sweet home guys ? the rest Charles did a good tip guide ?

— end of tips from Leon. —

Header Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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