Property KL: Best value, highest yields and least volatility.

propertyinsightMRTEvery time I go out for meals with friends who does not yet own a property but has newer phones and bigger cars than me, they would ask this question. ‘Can still buy ah? My friends said Malaysia property market about to collapse. So many negative news and scandal.’ My standard answer? Well, I am still investing because I think despite the fact that there are many overpriced properties, there are always opportunities within the Malaysian property market. Their usual reply? ‘Ai ya, you bought earlier when prices low, so you sure okay lah.’ Haha. Actually, for these debates, it will never end and I treasure my friendship more than winning the arguments with them. Every individual is different.
Well, today I read something encouraging in NST today, 22 Sept 2016. Full article here. Briefly, according to the a global real estate consultancy Knight Frank, the Malaysian property market offers the best value for money for real estate investors in the world, and the highest yields and least volatility in the market across the Asia-Pacific region. Knight Frank Malaysia managing director Sarkunan Subramaniam added, “Coupled with the step-up on transport infrastructure development, which increases mobility and connectivity throughout Greater Kuala Lumpur, this transformation gives the city the edge, and represents the best value propositions for any multinational corporations (MNCs) or investors in the Asia-Pacific region.”
I wrote earlier about the MRT lines changing many area dynamics. Read here: MRT stations will change the area dynamics. Just look at areas close to LRTs today. They are definitely higher priced than places far away. Yes, there are even some ‘awesome’ articles online which tells about how walking distance from these stations affect the property prices. Nope, it is definitely not written by me. It’s also important for us to focus on the attractiveness of a certain area by asking the right question. It’s less about WHERE but it should be about WHY. Looking ahead, Malaysia’s GDP will most probably grow 4 percent in 2016. (As per most of all predictions). Google and understand that 4 percent should place us within the top tiers in the world today.
A check online showed that the number of jobs being advertised in remains healthy. Remember, the job numbers would be an early indicator of the property market. We do not stop paying the mortgages first. We would lose our jobs first. Even the car sales numbers would come later and not before we lose our jobs. That’s why we should always look at the job market for the earliest signs. The unemployment rate in the US is one of the key metrics before the Federal Reserve makes any decisions at all. Last but not least, here are some quotes for us to enjoy, from around the world. Cheers.
written on 22 Sept 2016
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