Malaysia will be facing a tough situation soon, wow.

A close friend forwarded a WhatsApp message a few days ago. It was a warning which was about the number of people who have been laid off by MAS, RHB, CIMB, a few manufacturing companies and even PLUS which is said to start laying off since it has started to operate many cashless toll stations and that due to this, all these people would be out of job and that the times would be very hard for the middle income Malaysians. It started with ‘Dear all kindly digest the real situation in Malaysia. It ended with the message that Malaysia would thus face a very bad economic crisis soon. Everyone must ‘Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.’ I did not bother to reply the WhatsApp. In fact not even one person in the whole group replied. Perhaps all of them agreed and are now hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Please allow me to state an opinion of a nobody here in Malaysia.
It said, “First of all, digest the real situation in Malaysia.” Well, I must agree that the current situation is not good compared to say 18 months ago and I think majority of everyone would know that. However, to harp on all the layoffs which SHOULD happen to ensure the companies become stronger and more efficient in the future? One small question, can MAS or known as MAB today continue to operate with another 6,000 staffs which has slowed down whatever steps it is trying to take to be stronger against the world? Should banks, whether CIMB, RHB or Maybank continue to pay salaries to staffs that they know they would have to let go before their efficiency ratio starts deteriorate because growth is definitely slowing and trends are definitely going online? Is PLUS going cashless really worse off than continuing to allow queuing of cars waiting to pay in cash and wait for change? Really?
Come on, I am very sure majority of Malaysians can see beyond this. As for speaking about inefficiencies in certain departments or about the corruption by whoever famous are two very different topics. For those, we should continue to highlight and give pressure. However, for things that should happen for the better, we should support it to happen. If we seriously want to help, then HELP. Offer them jobs, offer them free trainings, help them to find new jobs, just help. Standing on the sidelines and criticising? Haha. Better watch Korean dramas instead since both are unproductive anyway. At least one, you get entertainment value. Malaysia is already suffering from way too many “talk bad but do nothing good people”. Let’s aim to reduce this okay?
Perhaps this is when we should tell our friends from overseas to drop by for a visit. Perhaps this is when we buy just 1,000 units of that Malaysian company which is undervalued and needs a little support since the foreign funds are all dumping the shares whether good or bad? Perhaps this is when we buy only local fruits to support that farmer who needs to feed his family? Perhaps this is when we travel locally and eat to our hearts delight and put all these photos on our Facebook so that more may be tempted to visit too? Perhaps this begins a time when we look at the country of origin or manufacture and buy Malaysia or if not possible, then ASEAN first? Lots of perhaps and lots of things we can do, as a Malaysian. Simply forwarding a WhatsApp that we do not even understand clearly and spreading unnecessary negativity is certainly not one of them. Happy Malaysia Day everyone.
written on 14 Sept 2015
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