Making it work: Learnings from an ex-banker, a YouTuber and a blogger.

With the current Movement Control Order (MCO) and the fact that we are at home, have we ever thought about starting something we have been wanting to start? In November 2013, I was on a hospital bed recovering from a medical operations and had nothing to do. I started blogging because I read somewhere that famous websites could earn good money. I told me wife that one day my blogsite will earn the whole family one dinner every week.

In 2017, became a Sdn Bhd. We paid taxes in 2018 and will be paying taxed for 2019 as well; profitable. From someone who’s not from the industry; not a property developer, not a valuer, not a real estate agent and not a banker, in 2019, I was invited to speak in 52 events in 9 states in Malaysia and Singapore too. That’s an average of 1 per week.

My views and articles have appeared in most of Malaysia’s media outlets and I continue to write for many of them today. In fact, if we were to google for ‘kl property news’ or ‘malaysia property news’ I think is on page 1. We do not pay a single cent for it.

What did I do over the years? What were the learnings? What were the important things? How could I have done better if I could do it again? What I need to do in order to keep up with the digital world of today? I will share all these and more in Miichael’s MY FB Live Show. Joining me would be two persons whom I continue to be amazed and continue to learn from.

The Ex-Banker Mr. Miichael Yeoh who’s office today could be anywhere in Malaysia. The real estate prominent personality who’s now a major figure when it comes to Youtube and Cooking. We have Mr. Lim Boon Ping a.k.a. Cooking Ah Pa. Their achievements continue to inspire me in everything I do today. Do not miss this session yeah. I have personally attended both of their trainings and I could see lots of hardwork, determination and consistency too.

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