Luxury condo and Ipoh Jam

How many times have you heard of jams caused by the MRT project? How about the jam across the causeway from JB to Singapore? The next news, you would not hear often. JAM in IPOH caused by a 23-storey luxury condo development! Yes, heavy jams in my beloved city of Ipoh because of the construction which is in full swing and would be continuous for a long time to come. The project is known as Octagon. It will also be the tallest building in Ipoh once completed? Would Ipoh be a skyscraper city in future. Stop dreaming, for now.
I remember I visited the sales office for the Octagon project many months ago. Sales was brisk and my friend who was the sales director for the appointed real estate agency said that majority of the units were snapped up very fast. The location itself is right smack in the middle of the city. I wrote about the potential of Ipoh becoming a haven for condos after many new condos were launched but up till today, I am still not convinced that Ipoh is able to support huge numbers of condos unless it becomes even more popular than today as a destination of choice for Penangites or KLites. There are a lot more day trippers but not many stay beyond one night. For those who think there’s nothing beyond just food in Ipoh, you cannot be more wrong. Have a read here: All About Ipoh
The purpose of this article is not to brag about Ipoh having jams. It is to tell you that there is hope that Ipoh will not be known as a city for old people. After an article about the growth of cafes in Ipoh, my friends in KL actually asked me if the report is real. How can Ipoh support so many new cafes? In fact, the cafe scene can be said to be even more vibrant than Penang. I can safely tell you that majority of these cafes have been around for some time and I have yet to find any which has closed down.
Ipoh can be said to be unlucky because it is sandwiched right in the middle of the Pearl of the Orient as well as Klang Valley. Thus, much of the growth has happened in both these places with international airports as well as manufacturing industries and financial and banking sector. However, Ipoh can also be said to be very lucky because up till today, Ipoh retains its old time charms and you can still have coffee in many of its old kopitiams. In fact, except for the occasional jams during holidays, Ipoh can be considered jam free. For those who still insist Ipoh has jams, please try the Penang Bridge after office hours or LDP in KL for majority of the day. My brother and myself have plans that when we are older, Ipoh is where we want to stay, not anywhere else. If only Ipoh has an airport. 
written on 25 March 2014.
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    Hui Yi

    Ipoh going to have more flight end of this year! Flight to medan, flight to johor and etc!

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