Love it even more because now it offers MORE; Decathlon Sri Damansara

I wrote about Decathlon Sri Damansara quite some time back. Here’s my first impression. Decathlon in Sri Damansara, worth a visit definitely Since then, I have visited Decathlon many times. Every time, it’s over an hour. I have introduced it to many people and they have visited it more than once ever since. Perhaps it’s because of the variety of choices, from the basic ones to the professional ones. Sports shoes and even hiking shoes start from RM59 onwards. Gym t-shirts? RM12 onwards. A basic squash racquet starts from RM39. Head lights for hiking are available and it starts from RM12. These are some of the items that I have bought on my trips there. If you buy 5 items and above, they even give you a big Decathlon recycle bag which of course you can recycle again and again. The image shows only one small section, the bicyles and the accessories. Yes, it’s even possible to ride a bit around the place. It’s wide enough.
Perhaps it’s just the sheer number of choices which has attracted me and my family members. One example, to pick a hiking shoe, we can try it by walking on a ‘testing’ ground. My brother-in-law spent over half an hour just to make sure he bought the best value hiking shoe. The most comfortable at the best price point. My kids and my in-laws’ kids? They have lots of fun diving into the tents on display and well, just running around because space is something not lacking in Decathlon Sri Damansara. Yes, I have even played ping pong inside because they actually provide a table for you to play. Everything that is being sold has a display unit which we can try or touch before we buy. Take a look at the image. Kids can try out the skates before they buy, in a safe environment. Cool right. Parents, please stay outside and watch. Haha. My daughter is still not comfortable with the skating bike. Will get her one soon.
I have not been there for the past few months and guess what, it has grown bigger! Well, I think at least 150 percent bigger than before. Brightly lit, lots of space and lots of people and yet we do not feel suffocating. Okay, I think this is one reason it’s opened here instead of the city centre because space would have cost a lot more money. It’s like Sports Direct except that it is in-house brands and the choices and the way they display and sell is different. Note though that if your favourite brand is only Nike or Adidas, then you will not find it here. Another image. Look at the queue to pay. It’s a weekend and many families were there. I think this can be made into a family get-together session too. Happy enjoying and buying.
written on 10 April 2017
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