Love conquers all, perhaps. Money pays the bills, okay?

Whether you are a guy or a lady, just remember that money pays the bills, okay? Love is that cream on top.

Guys, do you love someone today? Regardless of who you love, do you think the single most important thing in a relationship is love? Or… money? Well, one soothes the heart and makes you feel alive and excited. The other one makes you feel sufficient and safe and you will know that if your loved one falls sick, you could quickly bring them to get medical attention. If they feel hot, you could switch on the air-conditioner without too much worry about the bill for electricity at the end of the month. Agree? Of course, time continue to change too.

money pays the bills
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I think it was much easier for a man to propose to his girl friend and get a positive answer say 20 years ago versus today. I proposed to my wife around 17 years ago. I mentioned to her that we will save money together and I will be responsible enough not to spend all the money on things which does not matter. Holidays do matter though, it helps us relax and then can come back and work harder for our future together. That was why she agreed to marry me then. What about today then?

I think if I were to propose to her today, perhaps I should bring her to a branded handbag shop which we have been before a week earlier. I will show her one of those handbags she had indicated she like a week earlier and ask her to open and view the handbag one more time. When she opens the handbag, she will find a little red box with a ring inside (also from a branded brand and not some obscure gold / diamond shop) and she will hug me and said YES. Haha. Of course, need to get co-operation from the sales staff prior to the visit. So, is love harder to show nowadays?

Has love changed? I think not. At least not by a lot. BUT money pays the bills. There are still guys who are doing his best to make ends meet and the wife who’s willing to do more and continue to support him too. However, money is today playing a much more important part because BOTH the guy and the girl HAVE a lot of things they would like to have these days.

My wife, if she was thinking of a handphone during our time then would be a Nokia (due to her brother’s influence) or Ericsson (due to my influence). The prices for both? Sub-RM1,000. Both our kids were born in private hospitals because she wanted a dedicated doctor and attention too. The medical fees are getting ever more expensive. So, you could see that even when my wife loves me (and I love her), money pays the bills.

Overseas holidays are becoming common (everyone loves a holiday, right?) because flight tickets are cheaper BUT these trips will drain a lot of our money too. Earlier: Travelling is making it harder to buy a property When we got home from the overseas holidays, the credit card bill will come the month after.

Love is thus becoming more complicated these days with the availability of more things which money could buy. This is why love may still conquer all but the one that will pay the bills would be money. Yes, please put this into your mind. money pays the bills. Let’s remember also that one major cause of divorce is MONEY, or the lack of it. Remember to be responsible to the loved ones by being responsible with our earnings and expenditures.

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