Let’s ACE our 2016, shall we?

I have been a Toastmasters for many years. Thus, I developed a style of writing which will help me in my presentations. It’s easier to remember. Well, today, I will be writing an article which will enable majority to remember the points for 2016 or even beyond. It basically sums up what we should do if we really do love our loved ones. Let me reiterate in advance, stop saying that we love our family more than money if we could not even provide the best we could for them when they are sick. We should stop hiding behind the famous saying, Health is Wealth if we actually do not have enough wealth to care for ourselves if some unforeseen circumstances happen to our health.
A – Accumulate more, whether it’s knowledge, positive assets and even like-minded friends. All these need time, effort and attention. Perhaps time to wake up earlier instead of a tiring night before which actually destroys the next day. Perhaps we should now realize, it’s a waste of time to talk about politics with like-minded individuals and join the investment-minded ones instead. For politics, the other side from our side is always wrong anyway, what’s there to discuss?
C – Control what we spend. Perhaps stop believing that Segment B Japanese sedan will make you feel so great. If you really must have that Segment B Japanese sedan, buying a 3-4 year old one would save you lots of money. If your phone works, let it keep working. That new and latest smartphone actually costs as much as your monthly installment for the next 12 months as a second-hand car! Thus, control how we spend and change what we buy; opting for a cheaper variety somehow does not kill us.
E – Ensuring both A and C above are protected. Seriously, we could have saved RM30,000 in a year but an unforeseen medical circumstances would have wiped this clean within days. If something happens to us, we need to ensure our loved ones continue to have a life to continue on. Even if we are currently protected by the company’s medical insurance, do read a bit more. There’s no such thing as work till we retire anymore. We either find a better job or the company may think of ‘cutting’ people during slow times.
There, ACE our lives for 2016 so that we can really care for all our loved ones instead of just talking rhetorics but having nothing in the bank to back it up. Do remember, our loved ones may get sick, may need vacations to relax and may need to buy new clothes during Chnese New Year. Be good to them, especially our parents who has given us everything they have. I remember my parents taking out all their fixed deposits just to pay for my tuition fees in UK Pound. It was in 1997. When I arrived in Bristol UK, the exchange rate went up to RM8 to 1 Pound at one point. Today, I must repay them no matter what and I must bring them for holidays to places they have never been, every year. They are my loved ones and it’s my responsibility to…. get the money.
written on 2 Feb2016
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