Landed, branded and starts from RM621,800?

If you are working in KL and wants a landed property close to city centre, this is not the property for you. For the price, the distance can’t be too near to KLCC lah. However, if you really like landed and do not mind some driving to work everyday while your family is enjoying themselves in a community development, this might be for you. Yes, I have personally been to the actual development. Lots of green even if I still think more huge trees may be needed because it still feels hot. Perhaps time may help. The below would be the press release for IJM’s Livia Type A.
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Livia Type A double storey link homes offer buyers the opportunity to live in a well thought out community development
What do we look for, when deciding where to set up home? Comfort is often the key factor; this can mean anything from being secure in your surroundings to having your favourite amenities close at hand. Of course, what would be ideal, is to have both these needs met, along with a few extras such as a pleasant environment to raise your family in.
IJM Land believes in ideals; the popular developer also believes in providing its home buyers with properties that fulfil the unmet needs of an evolving society. Which is why IJM Land’s Bandar Rimbayu township has been meticulously planned with a sense of community at its heart.
The latest development to be launched at Bandar Rimbayu is the Livia Type A double story link homes with gross built-up of 1658 square feet (intermediate unit) to 1854 square feet (corner unit), depending on the layout. Only 118 units of these homes are available, and IJM Land expects that the Livia properties will be eagerly snapped up given the popularity of their previous launch, the Penduline parcel homes, which have been 75% sold since that launch in February 2016.
The Livia Type A homes are attractively priced starting from RM621,800 for the intermediate lots, making them very affordable for the first-time property owner. And in recognising that new property owners are likely to come with a growing family, the Livia Type A homes have a generous kitchen area that will easily accommodate the renovation to add an extra rom for new space needs.
Managing Director of IJM Land Berhad, Edward Chong Sin Kiat explained that the concept of Bandar Rimbayu is built on the foundation that people these days yearn for a sense of community around them.
“We feel that there has been a paradigm shift in the way that people are looking at their lives. It’s no longer just about the rat race, and coming back to a lonely apartment and trudging through the daily grind. There is an unmistakable longing to be part of something bigger; to have family around you, to be surrounded by verdant green spaces, and to lead an active lifestyle. That’s what Bandar Rimbayu aspires to be; a safe, vibrant, inclusive community where there is true meaning to the work-life balance,” he elaborated.
The Livia Type A double storey homes will be ready for occupancy by mid-2019, and by then, various amenities will be up and running. Bandar Rimbayu’s social hub – The ARC, which currently holds a green roof deck and football field – will be expanded to a Rimbayu Club Village. In the state-of-the-art clubhouse that fuses form and function to perfection, three distinct zones will contain club facilities, active functions and events, as well as communal activities. The Rimbayu Club Village will also be home to an Olympic-size swimming pool, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, badminton courts, a football field, jogging tracks, bazaar spaces and much more to enliven your body, mind and spirit.
IJM Land also recently announced that the Oasis International School is slated to open in the fourth quarter of 2017, and will house a capacity of nearly 600 students after its first phase is completed. The conveniently located educational facility, will mean that residents of Bandar Rimbayu will not have to battle the morning traffic in order to send their children to school.
In early 2018, the 1st phase of the bustling commercial area will be ready, providing yet another element of convenience to the residents of Bandar Rimbayu. This, coupled with fibreoptic connectivity for every home, and a multitude of travel options through the five major highways – Kesas, LKSA, SKVE, Elite and the upcoming West Coast Expressway, makes the Livia Type A double storey home a perfectly balanced lifestyle solution for today’s young and upcoming professionals.
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