We wanted to go Teh Tarik Place again but it did not have dinner sets. So, we walked a few more shops and saw Kungfu Paradise. We decided to try it because my wife said that we went to a similar cafe before. I told her ‘nolah, where got.’ Haha. We went in, immediately the waiter got us a baby chair and it looked so clean that I did not bother to wipe it as usual. The menu was extensive and there was a huge highlight about their famous ‘Stylo Coffee’. I ordered it despite already having two cups prior.
It did not disappoint at all. I thought this is just a typical Hainasese roasted but in fact it is an Italian expressed cup of latte. The look was so so but mind you, the coffee was strong. In fact way too strong for my wife who declared it as ‘undrinkably bitter’. Haha. That was the highlight of the coffee. In terms of overall aroma, taste and flavour, it is still below that of Plan B or Espresso Lab. Oh yeah, someone mentioned that Artisan Roast is even better. I hope to try it real soon.
It is a good place for family and prices are also not exorbitant. Menu variety ranges from Malaysian to western to Hong Kong. I guess lots of choices. The burger is very nice. Even the Nissin noodle also just right for me. I will definitely visit again.
written on 14 Jan 2014
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