Not an easy time indeed. My wedding restaurant closed…

Restoran Kok Thai, Ipoh. This was the restaurant I insisted on having my wedding lunch at. Good food, good people, good prices too. This was also my brother’s wedding restaurant too. Anyway, every 10 weddings I go to in Ipoh, one of it would definitely be here. It’s now put up for rental with the following description. Refer to the image. Rental is said to start from RM16,500 and it’s just 100 metres away from KINTA City shopping mall in Ipoh Garden.

Briefly, it also meant that the restaurant’s journey has already ended. Then again, when we think about it, what are the chances that people will be going there for meals now with all the social distancing. Secondly, wedding lunches and dinners have to be postponed to probably end of the year. It would have been too late by then. I think the location is superb. Let’s see if the next shop to open will also be a restaurant but I guess that would be many months later or even probably next year. No one’s rushing at the moment definitely.

There has been many news about hotels closing too. However, hotels operate on a different manner. Once the good times are back, the new hotel owner would restart the operations after a minor or major renovation and rebranding. It could usually be turned around quite fast especially if the location is a central one. Have to wait for better times to return first. For now, I think many hotel management would have no choice because maintenance expenses are high.

For restaurants, all its chefs and workers would have had to find jobs elsewhere and the new restaurant would be a totally new team. As with food, it’s a matter of taste preference. So, everything is less certain. Yes, if it reopens, I would definitely bring my family there for meals. As for these traditional restaurants, perhaps it’s also time to embrace technology too. Remember even the fishermen have to embrace technology? Here’s one. I miss my Ipoh.

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