KLites… pay up the rental you owe. Especially the one owing RM17,000!

How many months would you wait before taking any action if your tenant stop paying you the rental for staying in one of your properties? Depending on the action, it should be within the same month. Reminder Whatsapps, call and give a gentle reminder and even dropping by the unit itself. Who knows, this has happened: Why we should occasionally visit our tenants? What if someone were to owe rentals to DBKL then? Would anything happen to them? Well, it seems that DBKL is trying to be more pro-active now.

Article in thestar.com.my Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) Community Development and Urban Wellbeing Department director Anwar Mohd Zain said a red notice would be served if the tenants fail to comply with the eviction notice. He said, “The red notice is the final notice and tenants must move out within seven days. However, if they pay up within the notice period, the eviction notice will be retracted.”

As for how much of the arrears which the tenant must pay, it is at least 50% of the amlount owed. Anwar said the tenants could go to Menara DBKL 3 in Jalan Raja Abdullah to settle the outstanding rental. The errant tenants have racked up thousands of ringgit in arrears and one has an outstanding amount of RM17,000! PPR and public housing (PA) tenants in the city are required to pay a monthly rental of RM124 to DBKL. Please do refer to the detailed Article in thestar.com.my

Sometimes, I really do wonder why are we not like some advanced countries where tougher actions are taken against these people instead of allowing the amount to accumulate to thousands of ringgit? Is it because we are more caring? Well, truth is, there are a lot more people who need these units and definitely would be willing to pay RM124 for it versus their rental of many extra hundreds today.

If we could evict these, then we could accommodate those who would be good tenant and pay on time instead? Hopefully someone from DBKL will take note of the need to be firm so that everyone will then toe the line. Tell me, if we know someone who is owning many thousands of ringgit are still allowed to stay in these rented units, how likely is it that we will go and pay up? Happy understanding yeah.

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