Klang – KL for work on a weekday via bus, just 40 minutes

Everyone knows MRT does not link Kuala Lumpur to Klang. Many would also think Klang is a bit out of the way if their working place is in Kuala Lumpur. Truth is, I have many friends who comes from Klang on a daily basis. While they also agree that it’s far but I think if we are talking about those in Kelana Jaya or Cheras on a weekday during rush hour, the duration is no huge difference. My GM stays in Cheras and he does not drive. He takes public transport instead. In other words, the choice is there for many areas but it depends on whether you would want the inconvenience of walking to the stop etc.
Klang however does not have a proper public transport to Kuala Lumpur. There’s a proposed LRT but that’s due for completion only by 2020, if it starts on time. Well, there is one upcoming in the form of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). It will link Kuala Lumpur to Klang and will be ready by 2018. It will be built in the middle of the Federal Highway with the roads being widened and the BRT construction starting at the same time. Well as they say, the inconvenience of today is for the convenience for the future. About 80% of the Klang – KL BRT line will be connected to the LRT (Light Rail Transit) and KTM Commuter rail lines, with all stops linked to other bus services. Instead of Prasarana alone, it will be run by a consortium. Actually, I would prefer one company instead of a consortium which makes decision making and cost savings harder.
It has been reported earlier that ridership may be up to 600,000 while the project cost may op RM1 billion. This will benefit some 1.5 million people in the Klang Valley. Perhaps it may include me too. Let’s wait for more details before deciding. According to SPAD, the journey from KL to Klang takes 70 minutes today but with the BRT, it will be reduced to only about 40 minutes. Today, around 212,800 people take buses from KL to Klang everyday. I actually cannot imagine myself taking a bus for 70 minutes to reach my office. 40 minutes, yes, this is quite normal already. No announcement has been made on the fares yet.
In terms of journey to office, I do not think there are that many who can reach their office within 40 minutes. This is especially during rush hour. Thus, I seriously do think all these new public transports such as MRTs, new LRT extensions and today Klang – KL BRT would allow the number of areas to grow. The top areas are already too expensive. If your area is nearby MRTs and it’s considered okay, I think soon it will be appreciating. Except for those who needed to visit clients, I think majority should be able to take the MRT. This is because every developer is telling people that their project is nearby MRT, next to MRT, 5 minutes from MRT and more. For those who bought a new property because of such promises, enjoy the potential new lifestyle in the future. As at now, I still do not see myself taking the MRT. I have taken the MRTs in Singapore many times. There are reasons why I would prefer to drive. Then again, we shall see.
written on 6 Sept 2015
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