KIDEX. Why the secrecy and why invite if not wanted?

KIDEX. I have said before, if they can prove that it is beneficial, I would support it. Developments are always good and no one should stop a development just because it does not benefit them or giving reasons such as the highway would cut through a 40 year old housing area. Apologies but that’s not the correct decision. This is because like it or not, development just have to continue. Look at the dam projects which benefits millions of people but have to also remove people affected by it. Penang hills development is said to be damaging to the environment but development and nature can actually co-exist. It depends on only the right balance. So, let’s be objective about this. Right is right, wrong is wrong and keep the stupid politics out of it.
Reported in an online media, it said that the Say No to Kidex (SNTK) lobbyist Mak Khuin Weng was shut out from a meeting he was invited to attend. He arrived only yo be told by the Petaling Jaya City Council that it was a closed-door meeting and is only for Kidex concessionaire and state government officials. If the state assemblymen was also there, should they not interfere? I thought the state assemblymen are always on the objective side? Perhaps since the assemblymen already represent the people, so Mak is not needed. The invite was from the council and was given less than 24 hours before the meeting, showing an unplanned and insincere invitation from the beginning. Mak said that the reason given was that the technical presentation was at a preliminary stage and thus residents’ association are not allowed to participate in discussions.
Mak also said that the deadline is just one month away based on the concessionaire agreement but it most probably would be extended. thus far, without sufficient details being provided, the RM2.42 billion Kidex project has been rejected three times by the city council. Kidex would run through areas such as Tropicana Mall, SS2 Mall, Rothman’s traffic lights, Section 14, Amcorp Mall, Hilton Petaling Jaya, Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital, Jalan Templer roundabout, Taman Datuk Harun, Taman Medan Baru and Bandar Kinrara. The elevated highway will cut through 3,700 parcels of land in PJ when complete. These lands include homes, factories, shops, shopping malls and schools.
Again, I reiterate. Make everything as transparent as possible and every party has to somehow look at it objectively. Sorry, emotions count for nothing here anyway. Public consultation is a must and these days, hush hush projects will not really work anymore. KIDEX does not really benefit me because I stay in Damansara Damai but if really can help to alleviate some jams in the LDP, then I seriously welcome it. However, as mentioned, KIDEX has been rejected three times. Now I am really curious why were they rejected so many times and what were the reasons for each of the rejections.
written on 20 Oct 2014
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