The key to economic recovery is none other than…

The key to economic recovery is none other than… vaccinations. I agree wholeheartedly.

Article in Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs CEO Tricia Yeoh said, “The GDP outlook for 2Q21 and full year is highly dependent on the success of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme. As long as a majority of the population remains unvaccinated, we should expect further unpredictabilities with regard to the balancing of management of public health and the economy.”

Moody’s Analytics associate economist Sonia Zhu said, “As a domestic-driven economy, strength in the external sector is insufficient for the economy to rebound completely from its pandemic lows. The emergence of a more contagious variant of Covid-19 in Malaysia may complicate the situation more. We should avoid being over-exuberant about the external performance and downplay the weak domestic condition.” There are many more economists’ comments. Please do read the full article here: Article in

Unfortunately, our vaccination numbers are still low

There are just too many people with too many theories about the vaccines in Malaysia today. Plus all their community leaders are also not helping with all their different views and perspectives about what should have been done, what could have been done and what may have happened etc. Of course everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but vaccination is definitely a necessity for the economy. Without economic recovery, things will just get worse from here. Period.

Actually, just need to stay focused. Look at the turnaround story of UK’s economy with a successful vaccination roll out. UK economy growing faster than expected. (click to read) Look at how bad US was and how fast they are rolling out the vaccinations today and has already reached close to half of the population with at least one shot. US vaccinations gathering pace. (click to read)

With more doses, comes potential to be faster

There’s a shortage of vaccines worldwide because many of the richer nations are hoarding more than enough vaccines for the population. However, it does seem that Malaysia will have more stable supply of vaccines soon beginning June / Julyy. From the approval of production of Sinovac here in Malaysia with up to 2 million doses per month as well as more deliveries of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. (3.52 million doses in May / June), it does seem that the focus would now shift towards the effort to vaccinate versus the effort to secure the vaccines.

By the way Phase 3 of the national vaccination programme starts from May 2021 to Feb 2022. Let’s hope this will be by far faster than what was planned. Say, a minimum of one dose covering 70 percent of the whole popultion by September? (This is my wish…) All the best to all of us. Please do something positive about it and stop all the unnecessary drama. Vaccination comes first. The rest can wait. Yeah, I am getting my AZ shot on 22nd May 2021. Will report more after that. Live from my body and writing.

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