Forming a joint management body is essential, really.

How many of us would strive to take care of our own belongings? What about taking care of other people’s belongings? Well, I would do my best for the former but for the latter, it depends on a lot of things. What if I tell you that by taking care of what we have really well, it will help it to appreciate in value in the future? One major issue with high-rise residences would be maintenance. When not handled properly right from the beginning, especially right after handover, things start breaking down and the cost to fix it escalates. However, it’s always possible for the Joint Management Committee (JMC) to make it better.
My current place was very badly maintained in the first 24 months, according to some original owners. The JMC was formed and everything improved tremendously. I am staying in a Balinese-styled 10-year old condo. Obviously an old one since Balinese-styled is no longer the trend today. Haha. It does not happen just for condo. My close friend’s apartment without facilities in Penang is also very well maintained and always very clean. She said the JMC is very strict and thus all owners follow all the guidelines. I do believe a good JMC changes everything. Before we buy any place at all, check it out first. Some tips here: 12 tips on inspecting condos 
One piece of news caught my attention today. My friend is currently staying there and he is moving out because of the atrocious maintenance for the condo. The JMC has yet to be formed apparently. According to the article, 50 residents from the Kepong Sentral Condominium, led by its Residents Association president Johnny Khoo demonstrated their dissatisfaction at the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) office on the sorry state of facilities their condominium. He said that the management company New Light Century Sdn Bhd (NLC) and MPS Commissioner of Buildings (COB) were delaying their wish to form a joint management body.
It was also revealed that the lifts, badminton court and gym have not been fixed. This was the major reason why JMC is needed, according to Khoo. NLC’s assistant building manager Naga Rajah said that NLC has done their part. He quoted the example of lifts where all the drive shafts and motherboards were changed but the vandals took out the buttons and removed starter lights. This meant more funds were needed to fix it,something which could have been used for other parts the building maintenance. Later, it was reported that the matter was no longer with MPS COB but has been passed on to the Selangor Housing and Property Board. Next meeting is on May 9.
Seriously, the relevant authorities must work even faster because a JMC can mean a serious depreciation of value or a continuous and stable appreciation of property price. All the owners of high-rises in Malaysia deserves to have a fully functioning JMC. Let’s hope the Selangor Housing and Property Board and the the residents’ association can have a fruitful conclusion on 9 May. Will update if there are further information. Happy buying our own home sweet home.
written on 16 Apr 2016
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